• Post time: Oct-15-2021

    Glass curtain wall cable structure is a new type of curtain wall structure widely used at home and abroad in recent years. This kind of glass curtain wall brings people a light and transparent vision, especially suitable for large airport terminal, exhibition center, stadium, urban complex, super...Read more »

  • Building curtain wall design blanking
    Post time: Sep-28-2021

    The modern curtain wall design mainly includes three stages: scheme bidding design, construction drawing design (including deepening design) and design cutting. Among them, the number of project bidding designers generally account for 10~15% of the total number of curtain wall design, constructio...Read more »

  • model building test of curtain wall
    Post time: Sep-16-2021

    In fact, from the initial design, construction, acceptance, use and maintenance of the glass curtain wall, this whole chain link is almost interlinked, and any supervision is not in place, it may bring no small hidden trouble. Expert said that in reality, the design scheme verification of the cur...Read more »

  • metal curtain wall
    Post time: Sep-13-2021

    With the frequent occurrence of building fires all over the country, the country has higher and higher requirements on building fire control, and the fire control acceptance of buildings in various fire bureaus is becoming more and more strict. Therefore, from the base aggregate to the finishing ...Read more »

  • Analysis of curtain wall technology of Beijing new airport building
    Post time: Sep-07-2021

    Beijing New Airport is located on the north bank of Yongding River, between Lixian Town, Yuhua Town, Daxing District, Beijing and Guangyang District, Langfang City, Hebei Province. It is 46 kilometers to the north from Tian 'anmen Square and 68.4 kilometers to the Capital Airport. It is a nationa...Read more »

  • Things to be considered before starting a glass curtain wall building project
    Post time: Sep-03-2021

    If you are planning to have a glass curtain wall building in the coming days, there are a few things to be considered before you would start your building project. In most cases, structural glass curtain walls have a completely clean, flush exterior appearance while the interior members have many...Read more »

  • Visualization technology of building curtain wall design
    Post time: Aug-18-2021

    Visual design is a new form of expression in the field of architectural modern curtain wall design. Ever since designers sketched concepts on paper, images have been used to express how a building's design might end up. The continuous innovation of design expression brings great convenience to th...Read more »

  • Curtain wall facade system offers you a modern office in tall buildings
    Post time: Jul-22-2021

    Unlike traditional office spaces with solid walls, curtain wall facade system can provide people a modern office in tall buildings which opens up offices to more collaboration and natural light. Furthermore, curtain wall facade systems make the office look free and open. In practical applications...Read more »

  • A couple of considerations before starting your custom curtain wall building project
    Post time: Jul-06-2021

    Curtain wall buildings have become the distinctive feature of the modern society today. And various types of curtain wall systems are available for different application purposes. In most cases, the curtain wall design involves a complexity of elements responsible for performing different functio...Read more »

  • The changeability of the steel requires long-term preparation
    Post time: Jul-01-2021

    In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, from February to March, most upstream and downstream steel pipe suppliers in the steel industry delayed the start of construction, many major construction projects such as curtain wall building were stopped, and the real estate market cooled sharply...Read more »

  • Glass curtain wall lighting
    Post time: Jun-22-2021

    Architectural glass is more and more applied in modern curtain wall, with more and more varieties and more and more complete functions. The amount of building glass used in building, application types and functions can be used as a mark to evaluate the degree of building modernization. In particu...Read more »

  • Unitized curtain wall system becomes popular in the modern building construction today
    Post time: Jun-16-2021

    In recent years, unitized curtain wall systems have become the preferred method for enclosing buildings, as more building owners, architects and contractors see the benefits of this type of construction. In general, unitized curtain systems are composed of large glass units that are created and ...Read more »

  • Structural glass curtain wall advantages in building construction
    Post time: Jun-07-2021

    In practical applications, curtain wall systems are designed to provide an added layer of protection against the elements for large-scale commercial buildings. Especially glass curtain wall systems are not only beautiful, they are functional as well, allowing in natural light and increasing energ...Read more »

  • How to start your custom curtain wall building
    Post time: Jun-01-2021

    When people are considering the durability of the building, curtain walls play an efficient role in adapting to different temperature ranges. This is because of the case in high rise building, as the number of floors the temperature seems high and would be a risk factor for the occupants working ...Read more »

  • How to protect your curtain wall systems from damages in applications
    Post time: May-27-2021

    As curtain wall buildings make a hit in the world today, there are various types of curtain wall systems available in the current market. In general, curtain wall system has many benefits in applications, such as minimizing air and water infiltration, managing wind pressure, and thermal control. ...Read more »

  • Guide of unitized curtain wall installation in applications
    Post time: May-19-2021

    Today, curtain wall systems have been widely used in high rise residential and administrative buildings around the world. As a unitized curtain wall is an enclosing structure consisting of prefabricated glazed or solid panels which are transported to site from a factory and coupled together with ...Read more »

  • How to start your glass curtain wall building project
    Post time: Apr-28-2021

    Glass curtain wall systems are not only beautiful, but they are also functional, with allowing in natural light and increasing energy efficiency. Furthermore, glass curtain wall appears as the best option for many people mainly thanks to their durability and low maintenance needed in applications...Read more »

  • A few considerations for you before starting a plastic greenhouse project
    Post time: Apr-21-2021

    Plastic greenhouses, in most cases, whether they’re constructed using polycarbonate panels or plastic sheeting, are affordable and appear at a number of price points, depending on just how elaborate of a structure you’re shopping for. From plastic high tunnels to portable greenhouses with roll up...Read more »

  • Custom curtain wall buildings
    Post time: Apr-20-2021

    In most cases, curtain wall can be made to measure and can even be made to work with curves in buildings. It has many features that allow it to be moulded with ease and it can also be made into a variety of designs with its lightweight characteristics. In short, it is possible for you to create a...Read more »

  • Curtain wall structures are widely applied in the modern buildings today
    Post time: Apr-14-2021

    In practical applications, curtain walls perform two main functions: 1. Acts as a weather barrier against air or water 2. Allows light to enter the interior space. Recently, curtain wall structures are generally regarded as one of the distinctive features in the modern building applications. Alu...Read more »

  • Structural glass curtain wall building
    Post time: Mar-24-2021

    When it comes to curtain wall buildings, structural glass curtain wall is one of the most distinctive features of a modern building today. As a rule, structural glass curtain wall system used in the facades will set them apart from associated building technology the most. It has been the pursuit ...Read more »

  • How to make the best use of your glass solar greenhouse in farming applications
    Post time: Mar-17-2021

    Faced with a growing global population and an increase in extreme weather conditions, the farmers of the future may increasingly need to resort to greenhouses to produce viable crops. However, it is a fact that while greenhouses can provide a secure and stable environment to grow produce, especia...Read more »

  • Steel demand for manufacturing
    Post time: Mar-12-2021

    The executive meeting of the state council in January 2020 determined measures to promote steady growth of the manufacturing sector.The meeting made it clear that we will continue to implement tax and fee reduction measures focusing on manufacturing such as structural glass curtain wall. At the s...Read more »

  • How to maintain your glass greenhouse
    Post time: Mar-01-2021

    In general, whether your greenhouse is made from glass, polycarbonate, or polyethylene plastic, it seems benefit from periodic cleaning and maintenance to help plants inside grow and thrive. Especially if you use your greenhouse all year, it is necessary for you to maintain it regularly in use, t...Read more »

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