• Reliability of building curtain wall
    Post time: Mar-22-2024

    Reliability and quality The quality of products needs to be managed. Curtain wall "satisfaction quality", that is, customer as the focus of quality. The quality of customer satisfaction is defined by ISO9000 as "the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics meet the requirements". Inheren...Read more »

  • Plate element curtain wall
    Post time: Mar-15-2024

    In contemporary architecture industry, curtain wall because of its beautiful, fashionable and favored by architects, it is the main form of urban space landscape elements, giving the whole building with aesthetic feeling, temperament and personality, with a sublimation building value, reveal arch...Read more »

  • Plate element curtain wall
    Post time: Mar-07-2024

    In contemporary architecture industry, curtain wall because of its beautiful, fashionable and favored by architects, it is the main form of urban space landscape elements, giving the whole building with aesthetic feeling, temperament and personality, with a sublimation building value, reveal arch...Read more »

  • open window status of glass curtain wall
    Post time: Dec-18-2023

    From the inspection of the completed glass curtain wall project at present, the problems of glass curtain wall mainly focus on the top, bottom, side, closing corner position, external decorative components and opening Windows. And the fixed glass curtain wall of large area has fewer problems. The...Read more »

  • metal curtain wall
    Post time: Dec-14-2023

    Metal curtain wall is widely used in curtain wall building in China, especially in facade decoration project with unique shape, because of its various colors, light surface material and good processing performance, which can adapt to various complex facade decoration design characteristics. The s...Read more »

  • Glass curtain wall advantages and disadvantages analysis, curtain wall people worth a look!
    Post time: Dec-06-2023

    First,about the glass curtain wall The glass curtain wall in modern buildings used by the combination of mirrored glass and ordinary glass, compartments filled with dry air or inert gas insulating glass. Insulating glass has two and three layers, two layers of insulating glass by two layers of gl...Read more »

  • Introduction of curtain wall window
    Post time: Nov-20-2023

    Curtain wall open window types are more, from the form of the open can be divided into external flat push open window, inside inverted open window, inverted open window, inside flat open window, outside open hanging window. The performance difference of different open Windows is relatively large,...Read more »

  • Intelligent curtain wall development
    Post time: Nov-16-2023

    Curtain wall industry adopts a large number of factory customized production mode. Its design and manufacturing complement each other. In the spread of the epidemic, labor costs have risen, it is difficult for workers to resume work, and it is difficult to recruit workers. At the same time, the e...Read more »

  • Hyperboloid cable glass curtain wall
    Post time: Oct-30-2023

    A 36.18m-high spatial curved triangular steel truss column is used on both sides of the entrance of the north curtain wall facade, and a 24m-span spatial curved triangular steel truss beam is set up on the upper part of the column. The first fishtail horizontal cable truss is arranged 7.9m above ...Read more »

  • Glass curtain wall
    Post time: Oct-23-2023

      The glass type uses 10(FT)+1.52PVB+8(FT) toughened laminated glass, toughened glass are secondary heat treatment (homogenization). As the curtain wall facade of the project is composed of multiple pieces of flat glass pieced together into an irregular hyperboloid shape, the dimensions of e...Read more »

  • Design and realization of curtain wall virtual reality
    Post time: Oct-08-2023

    (1) Construct 3d model of parts The basic parts and components are the basis for the visual display and interaction of the curtain wall and the operation of other functions. DCC software, a familiar digital creation software, can be used for construction. The quality and fineness of the model dir...Read more »

  • Curtain wall reliability design
    Post time: Sep-25-2023

    To design a curtain wall project with a specified reliability level, the content should run through the whole process and all aspects of pre-research, analysis, design, manufacturing, test, installation, operation and maintenance of the product. Curtain wall reliability engineering includes reli...Read more »

  • Aluminum-plastic plate curtain wall project
    Post time: Sep-20-2023

    1, aluminum plastic plate discoloration, decolorization Aluminum - plastic plate discoloration, decolorization, mainly due to the selection of improper plate caused. Aluminum plastic plate is divided into indoor plate and outdoor plate, the surface coating of the two kinds of plate is different, ...Read more »

  • The light curtain wall
    Post time: Sep-11-2023

    Located about 500 meters southwest of the intersection of Datian Road and Binhai Road, the station looks like a "ship" ready to set sail, integrating elements of waves, seabirds and other lines, making it light and dynamic. The design concept of the exterior of the station curtain wall building i...Read more »

  • Structural adhesive and supporting structure
    Post time: Sep-08-2023

    Curtain wall glass structural adhesive failure Glass curtain wall because of the long-term adverse factors of the natural environment, such as wind, sun, rain, ultraviolet radiation, earthquake, so the glass curtain wall must have weather resistance, durability, corrosion resistance, as a bonding...Read more »

  • Metal curtain wall issues
    Post time: Sep-05-2023

    The direction of the bite is opposite to the direction of the current The bite direction of the vertical lock plate should be arranged in the direction of downstream flow, otherwise there will be leakage and it is not easy to repair. The effect of sealant is very poor and extremely unreliable. Se...Read more »

  • Analysis of glass curtain wall problems
    Post time: Aug-28-2023

    As a unique design in modern architecture, glass curtain wall not only embodies the best combination of architecture and aesthetic structure design, but also perfectly embodies the various functions of glass. Such as the transparency of the glass curtain wall, through the glass line of sight to a...Read more »

  • Curtain wall in the future
    Post time: Aug-25-2023

    Along with the sustained and rapid development of the national economy and the speeding up of urbanization, the eighteenth big offered to "adhere to the new industrialization with Chinese characteristics, informational, urbanization and agricultural modernization", to expand domestic demand of cu...Read more »

  • Curtain Wall History
    Post time: Aug-22-2023

      By definition, curtain wall is regarded an independent frame assembly in the high-rise buildings, with self-sufficient components that does not brace the building structure. A curtain wall system is an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural, but merely kee...Read more »

  • Curtain Wall Facade Protects Insulation From Moisture
    Post time: Aug-17-2023

    In practical applications, if you would like curtain glass window in your building, fenestrations on the south of the buildings are beneficial for a cooling and heating effect on your building during summers and winters respectively. The west and east-facing walls usually receive maximum warmth. ...Read more »

  • Curtain Wall Testing Requirements
    Post time: Aug-15-2023

    In recent years, more and more people prefer custom curtain walls used in their buildings. However, designing your preferable custom curtain walls can be a complex task in a building project. The level of complexity is typically driven by your goals, constraints, and performance objectives. In pr...Read more »

  • Benefits of Skylights for Your Curtain Wall Buildings
    Post time: Aug-10-2023

    Skylights can generally provide an elegant appearance for the interiors of curtain wall buildings nowadays, for these window solutions are ideal for expansive overhead spaces and to allow natural light into office areas, retail spaces and other open areas. Do you know the reason why to use skylig...Read more »

  • Architectural Curtain Wall Energy Efficiency
    Post time: Aug-08-2023

    Mostly, thermal efficiency and moisture condensation are the two of the essential criteria in the modern curtain wall design, considering energy saving and sustainability is one of the hottest topics that we cannot ignore. If you live in a cold climate, the air buffer serves as a barrier to preve...Read more »

  • Advantages of Unitised Curtain Wall In Applications
    Post time: Aug-02-2023

    In the current market, stick-built curtain wall and unitized curtain wall are the two main types of curtain wall construction in use. In practical applications, unitised curtain wall generally has about 30% of the work done on site, while 70% is carried out in the factory. There are a lot of adva...Read more »

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