Glass curtain wall


The glass type uses 10(FT)+1.52PVB+8(FT) toughened laminated glass, toughened glass are secondary heat treatment (homogenization). As the curtain wall facade of the project is composed of multiple pieces of flat glass pieced together into an irregular hyperboloid shape, the dimensions of each piece of glass are inconsistent. The basic size of glass segmentation is 1710mm×1725mm. In the process of cutting, we adopted the method of CAD 3d drawing assistance and field lofting to ensure the dimensional accuracy of each piece of glass. Because the overall facade is double curved, the glass will inevitably have an Angle of warping when flat glass is used for curved surface fitting installation. In order not to let the warping part affect the visual effect, the change of shape size is adopted as far as possible to ensure the consistency of warping degree when glass is divided.

curtain wall (6)

In the design and curtain wall construction of this project, we explored the installation scheme of the curved panel of the hyperboloid glass curtain wall using cold bending deformation. Due to the cold bending deformation of glass installation, the glass panel will produce a large installation stress (the maximum four-point non-coplanar warping amount is 38mm). Therefore, in the design of panel glass, the influence of installation stress on glass strength has been fully taken into account, and the method of controlling glass surface stress by deformation amount during plate surface fitting has been determined. The bending stress of the glass is strictly superimposed with the stress generated by the maximum external load in the working state, and it is controlled within the allowable strength range of the modern curtain wall design. In the use of this part of the glass panel for key observation and monitoring. In order to ensure safety, a pool is set under this part of the glass to prevent people from entering. After seventeen years of observation, all the glasses are intact, confirming that this design and installation scheme is safe.

Structural steel:
Since the support reaction force of the cable structure is borne by the curtain wall structure at the edge, considering the safety and economy of the structure, most of the steel structure material is MADE of Q235-B. For the main bearing column and the curved triangle truss at the top, thick wall seamless steel tube made of no. 20 steel is used. In particular, in the upper part of the curved steel pipe column with the largest stress, the wall thickness of 20mm seamless steel pipe is used, and the main stress points are locally strengthened.

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Post time: Oct-23-2023
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