Our Service

In order to meet the needs of different customers, FIVE STEEL offers a wide range of customized professional services for curtain walls, doors and windows to help customers implement their projects perfectly and smoothly.


Product Application Advice

Our team will evaluate your project requirements and architectural plans to provide you with tailor-made recommendations. We assist in selecting the right materials, designing efficient layouts and considering energy-saving features to ensure optimal product application.

Regular visits

1. Pre-sales communication: According to the customer's needs, we provide personalized solutions and tailor-made product support to improve customer satisfaction and lay the foundation for the smooth implementation of subsequent projects.

2. Post-sales visits: Through post-sales visits, we collect feedback, address customer concerns, provide technical support, ensure smooth installation and operation of the product, and promote long-term relationships.


Technical Drawings

Our team will produce detailed technical drawings based on your needs and specifications. We focus on accurate and detailed drawing design, including dimensions, specifications, and installation details. These technical drawings can provide a reliable reference for your project, ensuring accurate manufacturing and smooth installation of window and door curtain wall systems. With our technical drawing service, you can obtain high-quality drawing documents to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your project.

Sample Service

Our sample service helps customers understand and evaluate the quality, design style and adaptability of our products. With samples, you can experience and touch our products for yourself to understand their appearance, materials and functions. We offer a wide range of sample options, including window and door curtain walls in different materials, colors and sizes. We are committed to providing quality sample services to ensure customer satisfaction and provide references prior to formal ordering.


Installation guidance

Our professional team will provide you with professional installation guidance and technical support. We will explain the installation steps, provide material suggestions, and ensure proper installation and adjustment. Through our installation guidance service, you can ensure the correct installation of windows, doors and curtain wall systems, improve installation efficiency and ensure product performance and reliability.

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