Design and realization of curtain wall virtual reality

(1) Construct 3d model of parts
The basic parts and components are the basis for the visual display and interaction of the curtain wall and the operation of other functions. DCC software, a familiar digital creation software, can be used for construction. The quality and fineness of the model directly affect the display effect of the curtain wall and have a great influence on the roaming speed of the curtain wall. Corresponding parts and component models should be created for different types of curtain walls.

curtain wall (2)
(2) Make materials, maps and scenes
The constructed curtain wall foundation and 3D model are directly edited in UE4 to set the material information correctly. Then build the lighting, environment and other scenes in the UE4 engine so that the lighting and environment can get more realistic effects for curtain wall facade.
(3) Virtual interaction design based on UE4
The interactive control function of curtain wall virtual reality is mainly set and developed in UE4 engine, which is also the most critical and complex part of the entire virtual environment. Import the prepared model file into UE4 engine, and use C++ programming or blueprint technology for interaction design. UE4 supports the C++ scripting language, which can be used to control the interaction logic between model objects or other buttons. At the same time, the input and output can be controlled by calling API interfaces. By mounting the script to the corresponding Game Object and setting the corresponding trigger mode, the interactive functions of model assembly, disassembly and related parameter measurement can be realized. Some simple interactive functions of curtain wall system can also be designed directly through blueprints.
(4) Project web page publishing.
UE4 supports project publishing on multiple platforms. By setting relevant parameters for publishing web pages, the fully functional curtain wall structure disassembly and installation process can be published in the form of web pages.
(5) Combined with the existing hardware equipment, build a virtual network
Realize the virtual 3D display and interaction of curtain wall disassembly process. Interactive VR live roaming generated with UE4 can be used throughout the process from initial concept drawings to final customer reviews, visualizing design ideas faster than ever and reducing differences in team understanding.
UE4 game engine has rich editing functions and setting function, especially the real-time rendering is very powerful, which can reach the level of film and television on the visual effect of rendering accuracy and light feeling, make up for the traditional software visible effect and output effect is not consistent with the shortcomings. In terms of the quality and efficiency of virtual reality animation is a huge leap. Therefore, the application of UE4 game engine in curtain wall virtual reality animation has infinite prospects.

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