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Metal curtain wall is widely used in curtain wall building in China, especially in facade decoration project with unique shape, because of its various colors, light surface material and good processing performance, which can adapt to various complex facade decoration design characteristics. The surface materials used by the metal curtain wall are mainly as follows: aluminum composite board, single-layer aluminum board, aluminum honeycomb board, fire prevention board, sandwich insulation aluminum board, stainless steel plate, color coated steel plate, enamel steel plate and so on. The main reason why the metal plate falls off is that the connection design of the metal plate and the keel is unreasonable and the installation is not firm. Engineering sandwich insulation aluminum plate buttock node, for example, in the first steel column, core column did not meet the requirements of specification of 400 mm, the length of the second core column and the column without bolt, more important is fixed the aluminum on the briquetting self-tapping screw through into the core column after column, when the environment temperature heating and heat bilges cold shrink, cause curtain wall facade have vertical displacement, up and down. The displacement between the core column and the upper column shears the tapping screw, eventually causing the aluminum sandwich insulation plate to fall off.

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The reasons for the deformation of the curtain wall panel are many, excluding improper selection of the metal plate, transportation and installation by external damage and other reasons, the main reasons are:
(1) In the design and processing of the metal plate is not enough to consider the impact of large deflection deformation of the metal plate under the action of external load, not according to the requirements of the specification to set up reinforcement or reinforcement setting does not meet the requirements. Metal plate curtain wall will inevitably appear deformation phenomenon after wind, sun and rain in the process of use.

(2) metal plate and keel connection design is unreasonable, adopt the perimeter of the sheet metal folding, the modern curtain wall structure on the frame with screws, single piece of metal plate for the larger size, are influenced by environmental temperature will appear linear expansion which cannot be offset. Metal plate stress cannot be released, force plate yield, under the effect of air outward bulging deformation occurs. In addition to affecting visual effect, deformation of metal plate surface will also cause uneven metal plate surface, uneven joints, cracking of sealant between plates, resulting in water leakage of metal curtain wall. Therefore, the design of curtain wall must comply with the principle that plate connected structure can completely absorb the thermal stress caused by temperature difference and the in-plane deformation caused by earthquake.

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