Intelligent curtain wall development

Curtain wall industry adopts a large number of factory customized production mode. Its design and manufacturing complement each other. In the spread of the epidemic, labor costs have risen, it is difficult for workers to resume work, and it is difficult to recruit workers. At the same time, the epidemic has been avoided and crowds have been kept away, which makes it more urgent for the curtain wall suppliers to explore robots to replace human labor. On the one hand, it can improve production efficiency, and on the other hand, it can reduce the dependence on personnel in case of force majeure. Intelligent hardware replaces some positions to complete the production loop, speeding up the pace of robot research and development!

Big data and artificial intelligence promote the process of intelligent curtain wall.
In the analysis of all kinds of safety risks of glass curtain wall, it is found that the building form of curtain wall faces more risks, such as aging and worn out structural sealant, tempered glass self-explosion, non-standard design and construction, which leads to all kinds of potential risks, and the failure of connecting parts for a long time, without follow-up maintenance. Combined with the relevant investigation, it can be found that the phenomenon of curtain wall glass falling and self-explosion frequently, so the late security risk management and prevention is particularly critical, at the moment, the sensor research is the immediate need to solve the research direction;
If the monitoring is inadequate, many modern curtain walls have the risk of falling off. In the era of information and technology, the emergence of Internet of Things technology and big data technology makes the development of the construction industry faster and faster. The curtain wall industry has also achieved intelligent development. Sensors are directly attached to the glass to better understand different vibration frequencies and actively monitor the temperature. Analyze the actual state of the curtain wall and upload the relevant data to the big data management platform, effectively estimate the security of the curtain wall, and then control various risks within an effective range.

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With the formation of BIM technology consciousness in China, it has become a new direction of heated discussion and exploration in curtain wall industry. Through optimization, simulation and coordination design, it can better reflect its own advantages, promote the further development and reform of global engineering and construction field, truly realize the maximum of its own application value, guarantee the further embodiment of BIM core value, and promote the effective play of coordination design. In the process of curtain wall design and construction, it is difficult to avoid certain crossover with other industries, so there will be a lot of collisions and contradictions. In the process of analysis and research on BIM collision inspection, we can focus on the design time to deal with the collision effect, clarify the late data and carry out all-round thinking and discussion. Better reflect the pertinence and effectiveness of the later work, put forward the corresponding solution ideas, ensure the stable improvement of the work quality of curtain wall structure and level. In the current situation of big data sharing among all construction parties, the progress of the project is accelerated.

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Post time: Nov-16-2023
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