open window status of glass curtain wall

From the inspection of the completed glass curtain wall project at present, the problems of glass curtain wall mainly focus on the top, bottom, side, closing corner position, external decorative components and opening Windows. And the fixed glass curtain wall of large area has fewer problems.
The open window of glass curtain wall is an important part of curtain wall system. The ventilation and smoke exhaust of curtain wall system are realized through the open window. Moreover, curtain wall opening window is a movable mechanism in curtain wall system, which requires higher processing and assembly of curtain wall products. Due to the complexity of open window system, the indexes of curtain wall open window are lower than fixed curtain wall of the same level in terms of air permeability and rainwater permeability indexes of curtain wall.

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Curtain wall system as the building envelope system, in the use of curtain wall opening window often need to be opened and closed, therefore, there are many problems. The problems of curtain wall opening window are various. For instance, air leakage, seepage, open close not smooth, even open the window of the hardware failure. The more serious situation is that the opening window accessories fall off or even the whole window falls off. The problem is particularly acute in extreme weather conditions.
There are many reasons for the problem. For example, the choice of opening window rubber strip will affect the sealing performance of curtain wall window; The choice of hardware accessories such as opening window hinge or four connecting rod and wind brace will affect whether the opening and closing of opening window is smooth; The lock of the opening window will affect the convenience of opening and closing the opening window. The profile of the open window is the support component of the open window. The selection of the profile determines the deformation resistance and strength performance of the open window. Thus, the sealing performance, wind pressure resistance and safety performance of the open window are affected. Open profile and hardware reasonable collocation, also can affect the performance of open window to a great extent.
At present, from the design stage, as an important active part of curtain wall facade system, the strength calculation of open window is considered according to the closed state. Not only is there a lack of force analysis of the open window in the open state, but also there are some defects in the force analysis of the closed state. Therefore, there is a greater probability of safety accidents in the open window, and more accidents occur in the open state.


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Post time: Dec-18-2023
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