Introduction of curtain wall window

Curtain wall open window types are more, from the form of the open can be divided into external flat push open window, inside inverted open window, inverted open window, inside flat open window, outside open hanging window. The performance difference of different open Windows is relatively large, most of the open window glass of the curtain wall is glued to the open frame profile through the structure, and the lower end has the pallet bearing the weight of the glass.

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At present, the opening window of most curtain wall projects adopts the way of opening outside and hanging up. Inside flat open or inside inverted open window to architectural appearance has an impact, because this using of the project is not much, but the safety of the window is relatively better.
Now for the curtain wall project in the use of the largest external open upper suspension window as an example for analysis, other opening methods can be used as a reference. The basic structure of hanging window is to use aluminum alloy profile to form open window frame and open window sash, solve the function such as rotation, lock, support through special hardware. Seal the closed state of the open window by sealing rubber strip.
modern curtain wall design will be based on the actual situation of the detailed curtain wall structure calculation, the domestic commonly used curtain wall design software can be very convenient to check the curtain wall system. However, the current conventional curtain wall calculation software is mainly for the curtain wall main keel, connectors, structural adhesives, embedded parts and so on to check, while the curtain wall opening window calculation is insufficient. Most of them only check the stress and deformation of the open window glass and the structural adhesive force of the glass curtain wall, and did not check the sash profile of the curtain wall open window. This causes no matter how old open window size, no matter in what area, no matter the height of use, use the same specification open window frame profile and window sash profile.
Curtain wall designers usually choose the hardware of curtain wall window according to the size and width to height ratio of the opening window. In this way, the profiles and hardware in the curtain wall open window system have not been compared and quantified specific force analysis, the open window profiles as the main support component of the open window, lack of reasonable calculation data.

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Post time: Nov-20-2023
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