Curtain Wall Facade Protects Insulation From Moisture

In practical applications, if you would like curtain glass window in your building, fenestrations on the south of the buildings are beneficial for a cooling and heating effect on your building during summers and winters respectively. The west and east-facing walls usually receive maximum warmth. Meanwhile, high-performance curtain walls can provide your building with higher energy savings and improved thermal comfort in heating-dominant cold climates, which would also help to promote the application of advanced systems.

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In practical applications, if your insulation isn’t intact so that moisture has penetrated to the interior of your building, then you’ve already added a new item to your budget without even realizing it. That’s because the energy that you use to heat and cool the inside of the curtain wall building is escaping outside, increasing your energy bills right now. Compromised insulation is one of the main reasons why energy consumption increases. Meanwhile, it’s also one of the reasons that buildings experience issues that can, if not attended to promptly, lead to real problems in applications. The right wall cladding can help provide the protection that your building must have if it’s going to be able to prevent moisture from invading your building.

How Wall Cladding Protects Insulation From Moisture?
As we all know, weather has a lot of weapons at hand to defeat a building. Year after year, there are snowfalls, rainstorms, winds and hail and even the hot sun which beats down upon a building during the warmer months. In that regard, a proper type of curtain wall facade system would become a must to provide natural ventilation so as to keep the insulation dry. In addition, if your building’s insulation is allowing energy to escape, you’re the one paying the bill but the planet is paying the price for wasted energy. What’s worse, once your curtain wall system would have poor insulation damaged by moisture, the heating and cooling systems will have to work harder to maintain the indoor consistent temperature inside the curtain wall building. Therefore, by protecting the insulation of a building, a good curtain wall facade system is doing its part to help the building occupants support a sustainable lifestyle.



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Post time: Aug-17-2023
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