Curtain wall in the future

Along with the sustained and rapid development of the national economy and the speeding up of urbanization, the eighteenth big offered to "adhere to the new industrialization with Chinese characteristics, informational, urbanization and agricultural modernization", to expand domestic demand of custom curtain wall. It is one of the biggest potential of urbanization, which is expected to "twelfth five-year" period will further speed up the process of our urbanization and deepening. It will be long-term good quality development of all walks of life.


From the perspective of market application, with the rapid advancement of Urbanization in China, a large number of large-scale public buildings, commercial buildings and high-end residential buildings have been emerging, which is an important reason for the rapid growth of the demand for curtain wall buildings in China in recent years. From the curtain wall bidding statistics in 2013, commercial buildings accounted for the largest proportion of total curtain wall consumption in China, accounting for about 66.80%; Followed by public buildings, accounting for 30.10%; High-end homes account for the smallest share, at about 3.1 percent.
From the perspective of market potential, as the contradiction between urban construction occupying arable land and ensuring food security becomes increasingly acute, available land in urban areas, especially in coastal developed areas, has reached its limit, so high-rise and super-high-rise buildings are the best choice, and spider glass curtain wall is the best external protection structure of high-rise buildings. In addition, China is the country with the largest number of super high-rise buildings under construction and planned to be built. The number of buildings over 150 meters under construction and planned to be built accounts for 41.40% of the world, and the number of buildings over 200 meters accounts for 48.50% of the world, which will further promote the development of curtain wall industry.

From the perspective of industry competition pattern, with the explosive growth of curtain wall industry in China, the competition in the industry is becoming more and more fierce. Curtain wall industry growth mode is from the pursuit of scale to the pursuit of comprehensive benefits. Price is no longer the only competition index of curtain wall enterprises, the competition in the industry will be more and more towards the development of fine service, engineering design ability, management and innovation ability. At the same time, in order to comply with the development trend of national building energy saving and intelligent curtain glass window, the curtain wall industry will pay more attention to the application of ecological green energy saving and high-tech technology in the future. In the process of analysis and study on ecological mainly based on new environmental protection and energy saving materials, which will be controlled within the range of effective energy consumption.

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Post time: Aug-25-2023
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