Architectural Curtain Wall Energy Efficiency

Mostly, thermal efficiency and moisture condensation are the two of the essential criteria in the modern curtain wall design, considering energy saving and sustainability is one of the hottest topics that we cannot ignore. If you live in a cold climate, the air buffer serves as a barrier to prevent heat loss. On the other hand, when the cavity in the glass curtain wall has absorbed heat, it’s able to provide warmth for space outside the glass, thereby lowering the demand on your indoor heating system.

facade curtain wall

Curtain wall facade system generally assists high-rise buildings in the crucial area of energy efficiency, a topic which has become a shared concern of a growing majority of the world’s population. Keep in mind that the double skin facade, because the intermediate cavity between the two layers reinforces the system’s insulating capacity against winds, extremes in temperature and sound, offers a multifunctional advantage. Your architectural curtain wall can also be enhanced with modifications such as inlets, outlet fins, or air circulators to benefit the performance of the facade. In the current market, glass panels generally have better thermal performance, and the next challenge is to provide an excellent thermal break aluminium system to offer an excellent insulated facade. As a rule, the U-Value originated from the energy transfer through building materials from a high density of molecules to a lower density. The second rule of thermodynamics applies to this theory. It is an ongoing debate on how it changes the performance when cooling loads are calculated to keep the heat outside

In recent years, glass curtain wall system enhances modern commercial buildings’ ecological value, for glass is inherently better able to keep its appearance and integrity longer than other traditional building materials. For the one thing, glass doesn’t rust the way metal does over time. It doesn’t become weathered the way that wood does. For the other thing, glass curtain wall has a dual performance by supporting energy efficiency, always a priority in our climate-conscious world, and at the same time, strengthening the system itself. This immunity to the danger posed by the elements makes glass curtain wall buildings environmentally superior in performance.


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