Metal curtain wall issues

The direction of the bite is opposite to the direction of the current
The bite direction of the vertical lock plate should be arranged in the direction of downstream flow, otherwise there will be leakage and it is not easy to repair. The effect of sealant is very poor and extremely unreliable. Secondly, the external leakage end should be blocked or welded.

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Ridge part roof board gap is not blocked, curtain wall panel is not bent
The ridge part or other extension part should be moved to bend, or take other blocking measures, which cannot be ignored.
Decorative layer connection stuck, not bridged
The position of the clamp and T-shaped parts overlaps, and it is not easy to slip between the T-shaped parts and the roof after the connection, which will be stuck or produce large wear. Therefore, the bridge can be used generally.
One of the advantages of vertical metal roofing is that there is no penetration point, so try not to use the process of penetrating the roof to ensure the waterproof performance of the curtain wall construction.
Excessive drainage Angle
U-shaped panel of metal roof with vertical lock edge is beneficial to drainage, but if the slope is too large, siphon seepage phenomenon will occur. Therefore, the drainage slope should not be too large, and siphon seepage prevention structure can be used if necessary.
The panel should not be too long
Aluminum alloy and steel panel, have large thermal deformation, if the panel is too long, its thermal deformation is also large, and the displacement between the T-shaped parts is larger, after a certain time, it will wear through the roof panel, resulting in roof water leakage.
The modern curtain wall design of displacement is insufficient, and the gutter is not insulated
The gutter is easy to produce thermal bridge, is the weak link of energy saving, but also easy to produce noise, so the part should be three-sided thermal insulation treatment, the cross-section size should meet the requirements of displacement.
Friction between the bending part of vertical lock plate and T support
For the large span roof, roof plate and point support curtain wall between the sliding momentum is large, so it is easy to make the plate bending part and T bearing direct contact, friction, and finally wear, resulting in water leakage. Therefore, measures should be taken to avoid mutual friction.
Drainage ditch without maintenance design
Drainage is key for double-layer, large-span metal roofing. Usually, the gutter is hidden inside the decorative layer for good appearance and good drainage. However, some roofs ignore the maintenance of gutter, drainage blockage, resulting in a large number of waters on the roof.

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