Analysis of glass curtain wall problems

As a unique design in modern architecture, glass curtain wall not only embodies the best combination of architecture and aesthetic structure design, but also perfectly embodies the various functions of glass. Such as the transparency of the glass curtain wall, through the glass line of sight to achieve the best, the field of vision to achieve the largest, so that the building internal and external environment is interlinked, and so on. The glass curtain wall has good technical performance, the glass curtain wall support components are processed carefully, the surface is smooth and has a good sense of technology and art, can adapt to any geometric shape, produce rich changes in the building shape, can fully reflect the imagination and creativity of designers. At present, one of the biggest highlights of the use of glass curtain wall is to greatly reduce the energy consumption of buildings. However, in the past period of time, many architectural projects have been plagued by glass curtain wall, some glass curtain wall with its glass broken, glass falling and other problems by the community attention.

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There are many problems that are easy to exist in glass curtain wall, such as glass breakage, structural glue failure, poor fire performance of glass curtain wall, failure of office glass curtain support structure and failure of glass curtain wall fixing device, etc. Below, we analyze and demonstrate various problems existing in glass curtain wall, and explore ways to solve the problem.

A glass burst caused by an impurity nickel sulfide
There are many reasons for glass breakage, the following mainly on impurities nickel sulfide, thermal stress caused by glass breakage analysis and demonstration. Nickel sulfide is inevitable in the process of glass production of harmful impurities, nickel sulfide itself didn't have any damage on the glass, only when the curtain glass window containing nickel sulfide is installed, for the outside temperature, leading to the change of the nickel sulfide to produce small volume, make the tiny crack produced inside the glass, these cracks through the tension of toughened glass layer after the release of the internal energy, Causing glass to shatter.
The solution is to start from the source. curtain wall manufacturers should monitor the whole process of glass manufacturing and minimize the contact between nickel-containing materials and glass raw materials. Secondly, for the curtain wall glass installation after monitoring, foreign photographic detection of nickel sulfide impurities in the presence of technology, if it contains the necessary replacement in a timely manner, to prevent glass broken wounding. Can also be single tempered glass, tempered hollow glass into laminated glass, then if nickel sulfide impurities due to deformation and lead to glass broken, debris still adhere to the film, not to form glass rain and cause damage to the ground personnel.

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Post time: Aug-28-2023
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