Glass curtain wall advantages and disadvantages analysis, curtain wall people worth a look!

First,about the glass curtain wall

The glass curtain wall in modern buildings used by the combination of mirrored glass and ordinary glass, compartments filled with dry air or inert gas insulating glass. Insulating glass has two and three layers, two layers of insulating glass by two layers of glass plus sealing framework, forming a laminated space; three layers of glass is composed of three layers of glass to form two laminated space. Insulating glass has the advantages of sound insulation, heat insulation, anti-frost, moisture resistance, increased luminosity, wind pressure strength and so on. However, there are also problems such as light pollution and high energy consumption.

1, the advantages and disadvantages of analysis

(1) Advantages

Glass curtain wall is a new type of contemporary wall, which gives the building's most important feature is the aesthetics of the building, building function, building energy efficiency and building structure and other factors organically united, the building from different angles showing different shades, with sunlight, moonlight, light changes to give a person the beauty of the dynamic.
Reflective insulating glass is 6mm thick, with a wall weight of about 50kg/ O, which has the advantages of being light and beautiful, not easy to pollute, and saving energy. Add trace metal elements in the composition of float glass, and tempered to make color transparent plate glass, it can absorb infrared rays, reduce solar radiation into the room, reduce indoor temperature. It can reflect light like a mirror, but also through the light like glass, the inner side of the outer glass layer of the curtain wall is coated with colorful metal coating, from the appearance of the whole piece of the exterior wall as if it were a mirror, in the reflection of light, the interior is not irradiated by strong light, visual softness.

(2) Disadvantages

Glass curtain wall also has some limitations, such as light pollution, energy consumption and other issues. The building's curtain wall with coated glass or coated glass, when direct daylight and sky light irradiation to the glass surface due to the specular reflection of the glass (i.e., positive reflection) and the reflection of dazzling light.
However, with the development of glass curtain wall technology and the continuous emergence of new material technology, the materials used in the glass curtain wall in the building can now better solve the problem of light pollution and energy consumption.

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Second, the basic classification

1 .Open frame glass curtain wall

Open frame glass curtain wall is a glass curtain wall with metal frame components exposed on the outside surface. It is a special section of aluminum alloy profiles as a framework, glass panels are fully embedded in the grooves of the profiles. Its characteristic is that the aluminum alloy profile itself has the dual roles of skeleton structure and fixed glass. Open frame glass curtain wall is the most traditional form, the most widely used, reliable performance. Compared with the hidden frame glass curtain wall, it is easier to meet the requirements of construction technology level.
2 .Hidden frame glass curtain wall

Hidden frame glass curtain wall metal frame hidden in the back of the glass, outdoor invisible metal frame. Hidden frame glass curtain wall can be divided into full hidden frame glass curtain wall and semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall two kinds, semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall can be horizontal bright vertical hidden, can also be vertical bright horizontal hidden note. Hidden frame glass curtain wall construction is characterized by: glass on the outside of the aluminum frame, with silicone structural sealant to the glass and aluminum frame bonding. The load of the curtain wall mainly relies on the sealant to bear.

3 .Point type glass curtain wall (metal support structure point type glass curtain wall)

Point-type glass curtain wall consists of glass panels, point support device and supporting structure of the glass curtain wall. Point-type glass curtain wall has the solidity of steel structure, the lightness of glass and mechanical precision.

Point type glass curtain wall glass is with stainless steel claw through the pre-drilled holes in the glass to be reliably fixed, while the general glass curtain wall are fixed with structural adhesive bonding in the frame, its surface glass in the corner of the perforation, with metal connectors connected to the supporting structure of the full glass curtain wall, while the general glass curtain wall is mostly a flat frame, vertical rod force system of the structure. Point glass curtain wall relative to the general glass curtain wall its force system is not in the frame, but in the support system.

Point glass curtain wall on the glass panel only through a few points connected to the support structure, almost no shade, the field of vision to reach the maximum, the transparency of the glass applied to the limit of good, so the use of glass in the use of white glass, ultra-white glass and low-e glass without light pollution, especially the use of insulating glass, energy saving is more obvious. However, there is no opening fan for this kind of glass curtain wall.

Third, the technical requirements

1 .Sealing materials

Weatherproof silicone adhesive is used to seal between glass and glass, and structural silicone adhesive is used to bond between glass and metal structure. Building point glass technology in the sealant only plays a sealing role, do not have to carry out strength calculations. Before use, the compatibility test of adhesive and contact material must be carried out, the performance test is qualified and used within the validity period, and the operating procedures are strictly observed to ensure the quality of construction.

2. Glass

Glass curtain wall should be used than the reflection ratio of not more than 0.30 curtain wall glass, the light function requirements of the glass curtain wall, the light refraction coefficient should not be less than 0.20. Frame-supported glass curtain wall, it is desirable to use safety glass (laminated glass, toughened glass, laminated glass, etc.); point-supported glass curtain wall panels should be used in glass toughened glass.
3 .Metal

Steel surface should be anti-corrosion treatment. When using hot dip galvanizing treatment, the film thickness should be greater than 45 m; when using electrostatic spraying, the film thickness should be greater than 40 m. different metal materials should be insulated to prevent heterogeneous metal galvanic corrosion.

Fourth, the glass curtain wall is prone to problems

1. poor fire resistance

Glass curtain wall is a non-combustible material, but in front of the fire, it can melt or soften, in the fire only a short time will occur glass breakage, so in the architectural design should be fully considered in the building fire requirements.

2.Structural adhesive failure

Curtain wall due to long-term adverse factors by the natural environment, structural adhesive easy to aging, failure, resulting in glass curtain wall falling. Then in the design should try to use open frame or semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall, because even if the structural adhesive failure, due to the framework of the support and constraints, will also greatly reduce the chances of glass fall.

3. Heat stress caused by glass breakage

Glass will expand when heated, if the heat is not uniform, tensile stress will be generated inside the glass, when the glass edge has small cracks, these small defects are easily affected by thermal stress, and finally lead to glass breakage. Therefore, when installing the glass, the glass edge should be finely processed to reduce the appearance of cracks.
4 Water seepage

Glass curtain wall water seepage is due to many reasons, but mainly to the construction and sealing materials have a greater relationship, so you should select a technically sound builder, in line with national standards of materials. To minimize the phenomenon of water seepage.

5. Summary

Most of the knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of the glass curtain wall is here, after reading it, do you have any help or revelation? There may be a lot of shortcomings, so, about the advantages and disadvantages of glass curtain wall not mentioned here, and it so happens that you know, welcome to leave a message in the comment area to tell the editor. We discuss together, common supplement! I'm waiting for you in the comment area !


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