The light curtain wall

Located about 500 meters southwest of the intersection of Datian Road and Binhai Road, the station looks like a "ship" ready to set sail, integrating elements of waves, seabirds and other lines, making it light and dynamic. The design concept of the exterior of the station curtain wall building is a "ship" ready to set sail. The roof adopts the form of wavy lines, which is graceful and unfurling. Viewed from the side, it looks like a seabird flying through the air. The structural columns supporting the roof are supported by the V of variable section, which is sleek and smooth at the turning point, forming a smooth and delicate whole, which also makes the whole building lighter and more elegant and dynamic.

curtain walling

The curtain wall is equipped with electric open louvers, and the roof support adopts V-shaped variable section support. Skylights on the roof, in the shape of three-dimensional blades, blend perfectly with the wavy lines to enrich the fifth facade of the building, while also adding to the artistic nature of the platform ceiling. The three-dimensional skylights help to wash away rainwater and maintain their permeability. The continuous triangular curtain wall of the side wall along the street echoes with the V-shaped support, alternating between the virtual and the real, which increases the overall sense and design sense of the curtain wall structure. One of the highlights of Qingshang station is that the curtain wall breathes. The curtain wall is equipped with electric open louvers to adjust the indoor temperature and air volume naturally according to the seasonal changes, showing the concept of green and environmental protection.

The interior decoration of Qingshang station reflects the delicacy of Qingdao city life and the melody of modern city life of Qingdao metropolis. The ceiling adopts the form of vertical simple lines, giving the station space a rhythm of ocean waves. Guide the passenger flow from the large visual space, while allowing passengers to quickly arrive and leave. The shape is full of regularity and delicacy, echoing the changes of Qingdao city life, reflecting the people-oriented care.
Will breathe "curtain wall key station reflect Marine culture of Qingdao city, the combination of the streamline and color, form, vision, describes the positive city life, we stand focused the soul of the whole line, is the main skeleton line to style, site using distinctive adornment concept characteristics of construction scale, the surrounding culture, commerce is blended in among them. The use of three-dimensional interactive decorative techniques, forming the bright spot of the whole line. The appearance modern curtain wall design of the key station is more recognizable and iconic than that of the standard station, which will form a unique landscape in Qingdao's urban space.


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