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FIVE STEEL curtain wall,doors and windows appeared at the 135th Canton Fair, the scene continued to be popular!

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FIVE STEEL curtain wall,doors and windows appeared at the 135th Canton Fair, the scene continued to be popular!


Participating in the 135th Canton Fair is an important experience for FIVE STEEL. As an export company under DongPeng BoDa Group, it can reach potential customers from all over the world, learn from each other with competitors, and open the door to new cooperation opportunities.

Before the show, we carefully planned our booth design and layout to attract the attention of our target customers. Sufficient promotional materials including samples and catalogs are prepared to showcase the features and benefits of our custom doors, windows, curtain walls and glass balustrade. Our booth design is simple and elegant to project a professional image. Employees are professionally trained to introduce products clearly and communicate with customers effectively.

During the Canton Fair, FIVE STEEL's curtain walls, doors, windows, glass balsurtade and related products attracted many overseas customers to stop and learn more. We have established contact with many potential customers. The exhibition site actively understands customer needs and provides personalized solutions, demonstrating the professional knowledge and rich experience of our sales team. Customers can feel the product performance and process advantages at close range on site, and have a strong appreciation for FIVE STEEL company's curtain wall, door and window design concepts express full affirmation and trust.

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After the exhibition, we will continue to communicate with potential customers, respond to inquiries and needs in a timely manner, and provide product demonstrations and customized solutions to make full use of business opportunities to promote business development.

By participating in the Canton Fair, we not only increased our company's visibility, but also established connections with potential customers and explored new cooperation opportunities. This experience is of great significance to the development of our company. We will sum up the experience and lessons, further improve our products and services, and provide customers with better customized door and window, curtain wall, glass balustrade solutions.