Five Steel Team

Collaboration is at the heart of our team. Our experienced consulting team, engineering and design team and manufacturing and production team will work together to provide the best curtain walls, doors and windows solution for you.

Consulting Team

Consulting team with more than 10 years experience and implementing more than 1000 worldwide projects will help you in the early planning stages of your project and lay the foundations for its success.

It includes:

1. Based on the performance, design and budget requirements of your project, we will advise you on the most appropriate product.

2. The experienced and knowledgeable team provides detailed quotes based on your project specifications and your requirements so that you can estimate costs as accurately as possible in the early stages of your project.

3.Collaborate and plan your project process.


Engineering And Design Team

A professional engineering and design team with 10+ R&D engineers can help you:

1.Provide and customize the most appropriate system solution to meet customer performance requirements at the minimum possible cost.

2.Help customers understand performance standards, design criteria, and a wealth of other information.

3.Design customized profiles for customers.

Manufacturing And Production Team

Our factory provides manufacturing services, including:

1.Operations such as cutting, machining, and drilling aluminum extrusions according to each project's custom engineering drawings.

2.Provide assembled glass service to save installation time.

3.Continuous concentration on safety, quality, delivery, productivity, and continuous improvement has resulted in significant savings and a reduction in unplanned contingencies.


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