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Are Glass Balustrade Expensive?


Are Glass Balustrade Expensive?


Factors Affecting the Cost of Glass Railing or Glass Balustrade?

  • Glass Type
    The type of glass being used in the railing / balsurtade system can significantly impact the cost. Laminated or tempered glass railing are often expensive choices, but their benefits are matchless.
  • Design Complexity
    The design complexity also affects the overall cost. The glass panels count any custom glass shapes, and glass customization like embossed, etched, or frosted, highly impacts the railing cost.

Moreover, the length and height of the railing/galsutrade are also a factor that needs to be considered while planning the installation of  glass fence railing.

  • Installation Requirements
    The installation process of railings/galsutrades is full of complexities. Factors like material quality, labor costs, site preparation, and any need for special equipment, are some of the things that elevate the cost of railing/balustrade installation.
  • Hardware and Accessories
    The hardware quality, type, and finishes can impact the cost of glass railing / glass balustrade. Using budget-friendly materials will give you a cut in the overall cost and higher-quality materials will ultimately elevate the cost. However, the quality hardware is rust and corrosion-proof and enhances the durability and aesthetics of the railing.
  • Any Regulatory Compliance
    The area of installation may have any building codes or safety regulations that need to be addressed before installing the glass railing/balustrade system. 

Overall, the cost of glass railing/balustrade is higher than its alternatives, but the perks it offers are parallel to none. Homeowners, corporate people, interior designers, and contractors consider it a worthwhile investment due to their aesthetic appeal, durability, and long-term value.

Maintenance Tips for Glass Railings / Glass Balustrade
To keep the railing/balustrade  in pristine appearance you need to follow the below-given simple tips:

Clean your glass panels for railings/balustrades regularly with mild dish soap and warm water. 
Never use abrasive cleaners that scratch the glass surface and reduce its clarity. 
After cleaning, rinse the glass with clean water to remove the residuals of soap or the cleaning agent. 
Apply any glass coating that repels the water, dirt, and grime that helps maintain the clarity of the glass over time.
Inspect the glass panels regularly. Look for any chipping, cracks, or loose hardware fittings to ensure the safety and integrity of the glass railings.

Glass Railing/Balustrade – The Architectural Revolution

The architectural revolution revolves around many things, and glass railing/balustrade is one of them. The versatility and allure of glass railing are parallel to none. These railings/balustrades furnish a timeless elegance that adds a unique blend of form and function. Whether you opt for the framed or frameless glass railing, the value it adds to your property is beyond comparison. Explore Fab Glass and Mirror to learn more about glass railing/balustrade, where requesting a quote for custom glass railing/balustrade is effortless.

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