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Soundproof PVC casement door UPVC swing glass doors pvc accordion door


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Soundproof PVC casement door UPVC swing glass doors pvc accordion door

At FIVE STEEL We're driven by the goal:

create sustainable buildings with premium curtain wall facades, doors and windows.

As people become more environmentally conscious, we realize that our job is not just to create better curtain wall windows and doors, but to provide our customers with more energy efficient products.

FIVE STEEL has been in the industry for more than 10 years and we are constantly improving and raising the standards in order to bring more energy efficient products to our customers.


    UPVC Doors

    1. The wall thickness of the main profile meets the requirements of the national standard GB/T8814-2004 for profiles and the standard GB/T28887-2012 for plastic windows for construction; 

    2. Standard notch design, which improves the performance of the whole window, realizes flexible opening, convenient use and security anti-theft function; 

    3. The large section design of the profile, the internal fan material adopts the integrated design, and the principle of equal pressure and decompression between the outer frame and the inner fan improves the airtightness of the door and window and the torque resistance of the profile itself , the drop hammer impact, etc. Ensure that doors and windows are not easy to crack in cold regions; 

    4. The door frame adopts three-chamber design, strong rigidity and independent drainage cavity to ensure smooth drainage under any circumstances; 

    5. The four corners of the sash are made of stainless steel corner reinforcement, and the 45 degree angle is more precise;