Steel deformation of glass curtain wall

Curtain wall doors and windows project reduced, capital shortage has become the new normal. When development slows down and progress money is tight, there's always some curtain wall suppliers and builders like to find fault with the quality of materials. The imaging deformation of glass after installation becomes the best target to pull. However, there are many reasons for glass imaging distortion, and various factors have different effects on the distortion. It is generally difficult to distinguish specific reasons, so a lot of times are attributed to "toughening deformation".

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The raw
The glass image we usually see is an image reflected through the glass. Measure the optical deformation of the original piece is zebra Angle, China's float glass standard requires building glass zebra Angle to reach 50 degrees, automotive and mirror glass requirements of more than 60 degrees. And the zebra Angle of high-grade float glass abroad can reach 70 degrees above, because of the float glass technology of our country and the problem of quality consciousness, this index is generally between 45~65 degrees, the poor quality of curtain wall panel is even lower than 40 degrees.
The effect of the original zebra horn on the imaging deformation is fundamental. It is not right to only talk about the toughening deformation without the original zebra horn.
Tempering is the process of secondary heat treatment of raw sheet. Distortion in the process of tempering does affect the imaging of glass curtain wall greatly. In general, if there is distortion in the middle of toughened glass, it can be considered as a serious problem in process control. Waveform deformation parallel to the direction of glass tempered silicon rod can generally be controlled in the national standard of 2‰ below one-third, that is, 6mm tempered glass 0.2mm, the better tempered furnace can be controlled in 0.15mm. In fact, if the tempering bow degree is controlled at 1‰ and the waveform degree is controlled at 0.15mm, and the furnace feeding measures with wide edges are adopted, the relationship between the final deformation of finished products and the tempering production is not as great as we imagined.
The protrusion or depression of curtain glass window has a great influence on the glass imaging deformation. Generally, air contains 1-4% water vapor, and the higher the humidity, the more water vapor there is. After the production of insulating glass is completed, the molecular sieve absorbs most of the water vapor sealed into the hollow, and the insulating glass is often depressed. Of course, horizontal gluing and indentation should be a processing quality control problem. The purpose of the insulating glass production line is to control the humidity and temperature of the insulating glass production line. It is a pity that most of the hollow glass production line is a mere formality.

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Post time: May-29-2023
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