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As a rule, stick curtain wall systems comprise individual vertical and horizontal spanning members (’stick’) known as mullions and transoms respectively. A typical curtain wall system will be connected to individual floor slabs, with large glass panes providing a view to the outside and an opaque spandrel panels installed to hide the structural frame.

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With regard to stick curtain wall, mullions and transoms are generally manufactured from extruded aluminium sections, which can be provided in a variety of cross sectional sizes, colours and finishes in the market. Meanwhile, mullions and transoms are connected together using angles, cleats, toggles or a simple locating pin in curtain wall construction. A variety of sections and connections are available with different load capacity to create the required design. The dimensions of the sections are governed by the horizontal span between mullions and the height between floor slabs of the building, the environmental loads like the wind, and the weight of the glass. In addition, the glass panel is designed to be compatible with the system and is typically provided by a separate glass manufacturer.

Compared with a unitized curtain wall system, the individual elements of a stick system are commonly fabricated (cut to length and prepared for connection) within a factory and then shipped to site as a kit of parts which is then installed by a team of specialist contractors. Once the mullion/transom grid is erected, the glass panes and spandrel panels are positioned and typically held in place by pressure plates which are masked by cover caps. An alternative method to clamp the glass is toggle glazing which uses a channel between the glass to clamp the internal laminate only. In practical applications, the advantages of stick curtain wall include a better delivery system for the materials and the potential to save money on labor costs. The materials will come in on trucks packed as effectively as possible to maximize how much material is brought in one trip. This will reduce the amount of trucks coming in and out on such a small site plan. This will result in cheaper labor costs. Furthermore, due to its versatility and curtain wall cost, these systems are typically used in shopping centres and low rise office buildings.

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