Modern curtain wall design provides fire protection for high-rise buildings

In building construction process, the designers carry out different designs according to the different fire protection requirements of the building. For curtain wall buildings with general fire protection requirements, the glass is made of glass brick, tempered glass, small flat glass, etc. while for buildings with high level fire protection requirements, the curtain wall glass uses brushed glass, single piece fireproof glass, composite fireproof glass, fireproof insulating glass and the like.

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In the current market, composite fireproof glass is currently the most widely used fire-resistant curtain wall glass. Especially fire rated curtain wall becomes very popular in modern curtain wall design, for it can provide a substantial area of glazing both in interior and exterior locations while defending against the transfer of flames, smoke, radiant and conductive heat. Fire-rated curtain wall systems also employ fire resistive-rated framing materials. Some of today’s more innovative systems use steel that has been roll-formed from thin-gauge steel coils. Furthermore, a supplementary benefit of fire-rated steel curtain wall systems is their ability to achieve nearly any finished look. The steel profiles can be powder coated at the factory, while the exterior cover caps can be manufactured from aluminum or stainless steel and then finish matched. If you are using an aluminum curtain wall system, it can be painted or anodized. The shape of the cover cap can also be customized.

Today, curtain walls, as the most common cladding for high rise buildings, have evolved in a variety of applications and present varying conditions at the slab edge. In general, the control of fire spread in a high rise building depends on a number of active and passive measures. Fire spread control at the perimeter slab edge involves an interaction of wall, floor and connecting fire stop materials. In recent years, in order to achieve the necessary defense, fire-rated curtain wall systems will use transparent glass wall panels of significant heat-blocking capabilities. Particularly, more and more curtain wall manufacturers try to use different methods to ensure these high-performance products pass the necessary fire tests and remain relatively cool on the non-fire side of the glass curtain walls for the duration of their designated fire rating.

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Post time: Nov-15-2022
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