Intelligent breathing curtain wall

The breathing curtain wall is the "double green coat" of the building. The double-layer curtain wall structure has significant sound insulation effect, and the characteristic of the structure also endows the building with "breathing effect". Residents can experience true warmth in winter and cool in summer, reducing discomfort caused by extreme environments; The active efficiency of the building body greatly reduces energy consumption. The use of a double curtain wall system can reduce the overall energy consumption of the building by 30-50%. The curtain wall system is composed of two curtain walls inside and outside. The inner curtain wall generally adopts open frame curtain wall, movable window, or open access door. Exterior curtain wall.

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Curtain wall with frame or point support glass curtain wall. A relatively closed space is formed between the inner and outer curtain walls, which greatly improves the thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation functions of the curtain walls. Intelligent curtain wall is the extension of curtain wall, breathing is on the basis of intelligent building construction techniques (warm, heat, light, electricity) of moderate control, the curtain wall materials, the effective use of solar energy, through the computer network effectively adjust the indoor air, temperature and light, thus saving the use of energy in the process of curtain wall building, reduce the cost of production and the process of building use. It includes the following parts: breathing curtain wall, ventilation system, shading system, air conditioning system, environmental monitoring system, intelligent control system and so on. The key of the intelligent breathing curtain wall lies in the intelligent control system, which is a whole process control system from functional requirements to control mode, from information collection to instruction transmission mechanism. It involves climate, temperature, humidity, air freshness, illumination measurement, heating, ventilation, air conditioning shading and other institutions operating state information collection and control, power system configuration and control, building computer control and other factors.
It is a kind of full transparency, full vision of the glass curtain wall, using the transparency of glass, the pursuit of building internal and external circulation and integration of the space, can make people clearly see through glass the entire structure of the system, make the structure system from a mere supporting role to show its visibility, to show the architectural decoration art, administrative levels feeling and stereo feeling. It has the characteristics of light weight, simple material selection, factory processing, fast construction, convenient maintenance and maintenance, easy to clean and so on. Its effect on enriching the curtain wall facade effect of architectural modeling is incomparable to that of other materials, and it is the embodiment of modern science and technology in architectural decoration.

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Post time: May-22-2023
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