Glass curtain wall energy waste

In the pursuit of transparency, one of the biggest problems encountered by glass curtain wall is the waste of energy. Large area of glass leads to a large demand for air conditioning energy. How to take both transparency and energy saving into account is one of the main research topics of glass curtain wall technology in recent years. To sum up, for the energy saving problem of glass curtain wall, there are mainly the following solutions:

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Wall construction method of double layer glass curtain wall
This is one of the more common solutions. The specific approach is to set aside a certain space between the two glass curtain walls, while the bottom and top of the glass curtain wall design ventilation device to adjust the temperature of the inner space of the curtain wall, creating a buffer space of indoor and outdoor temperature difference, so as to improve the physical performance of glass curtain wall thermal insulation.
Use insulating glass materials
A more common type of laminated glass, called low-e glass, solves this problem to some extent. It has a blocking effect on the long wave of visible light. Although glass itself contains light green, but when looking at bright outdoor, do not feel the difference with common transparent glass, and the radiant heat that enters indoor through glass only has 4 percent however, which have better heat insulation function. This is a relatively simple and feasible method, through the selection of different curtain glass window, to a certain extent to solve the problem of energy consumption, in contemporary glass curtain wall architectural design has been widely used (low-E glass light transmittance is 67%, radiant heat transmittance is 0.41; The light transmittance and radiant heat transmittance of ordinary glass are 79% and 0.73 respectively.
Design of natural ventilation system
Glass curtain wall is generally fully enclosed wall, which brings the question of ventilation system design. Therefore, effective design of natural ventilation system is an important part of energy saving design of curtain wall building.
Integrated design with solar energy utilization
Solar cells and glass materials are combined into composite glass, using this composite glass curtain wall design, not only can meet certain lighting needs, but also can turn a large amount of sunlight into usable energy. This method is still in the exploratory stage and has not been widely used, but this design method of integrating solar energy utilization with architectural design provides a positive idea for energy-saving design of glass curtain wall.

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Post time: Mar-21-2023
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