Curtain wall technology integration

Building energy-saving curtain wall first, with the continuous improvement of the national requirements for building energy consumption standards, the emergence of the integration of door and curtain glass window technology has become an inevitable product of industry development. With the improvement of economic development and market requirements for product quality, curtain wall is also more widely used for facade decoration; Work and life of air, temperature, light green, health, environmental protection, comfort requirements, all of these greatly promote a large number of advanced technologies, such as the facade lighting, ventilation, blinds, solar curtain wall, such as high efficiency and energy saving glass integration on the curtain wall, at the same time to achieve the intelligent centralized control system.
Tomb wall system architectural glass selection.

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Architectural glass is an important part of curtain wall system, the demand for glass is no longer daylighting, building energy consumption, light pollution, architectural aesthetics to control. The energy consumption of green curtain wall buildings for heating and air conditioning is more than 3% lower than the reference value of building energy saving design standards. Double-silver low-E glass should be selected to meet the requirements, and the shading coefficient of external Windows should be controlled at 0.45. The technical rules for evaluation of green super high-rise buildings also stipulate that the reflection coefficient of glass should be controlled at least 0.3, preferably 0.2, in order to avoid light pollution; At the same time, most owners hope that the glass does not have too high permeability, to avoid the facade effect chaos, will lead to the above indicators and requirements of the contradictory place.
Therefore, in the selection of glass developers to advance research, to avoid the passive situation on the wall. In terms of technical contract, the curtain wall suppliers needs to be able to understand the needs of the owner and achieve strong control over the downstream glass suppliers.
The application of natural ventilation technology in curtain wall
There are two main reasons for the high energy consumption of air conditioning system in super high-rise buildings: continuous operation of air conditioning system and high energy consumption of vertical transportation. It is very expensive to maintain indoor air quality and humidity by completely relying on air conditioning system, which is also be good to curtain wall system. In recent years, great progress has been made in continuous innovation of air conditioning technology, improvement of energy efficiency ratio of air conditioning units and extensive application of ice storage technology. In the field of natural ventilation, Japan began to use window ventilators in the 1980s to improve air quality and save energy, and today the technology has become more and more mature.

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