Cost of glass curtain wall

Frame curtain wall: refers to the curtain wall components completed in the workshop, transported to the site in accordance with the construction process of vertical materials, horizontal materials, glass and other components installed on the curtain wall structure, the final completion of the curtain wall system.

unitized curtain wall4
Characterized by a strong applicability, wide range of applications, requirements for the comprehensive technical level design staff is not high, the processing equipment configuration and the accuracy is not high, the material preparation period is short, assembly components generally smaller, deviation of the theme structure, low processing error and construction requirements, system installation is very flexible, mainly in the selection of the same wall under the condition of material, Compared with the unit curtain wall system, the unit area cost of curtain wall facade is relatively low.
Wind-load: refers to the various kinds of curtain wall components and surface decoration materials in the workshop processing is completed, according to the design requirements assembled into one layer or layers of the whole plate, and then shipped to the site for integral hoisting, the main structure and architectural preset hang precise connection, and according to the main structure of the deviation of fine-tuning to complete curtain wall installation of curtain wall system as a whole.
The unit height of the unitised curtain wall is the upper floors, the width is generally about 1.2 meters, so the transmission force is simple, can be directly hung on the embedded parts of the floor, convenient installation. Unit parts are processed in the factory, glass, aluminum plate or other materials can be assembled on a unit part in the processing plant, promoting the degree of industrialization of the building, but also conducive to ensure the overall quality of unit parts, to ensure the engineering quality of the curtain wall. The unit-type curtain wall is installed from above the floor, which can be synchronized with the civil construction, greatly shortening the project period.
It is characterized by fast installation speed, short on-site construction period, strong seismic resistance, capacity to accommodate structural displacement and deformation, waterproof leakage and air permeability excellent performance, the processing and production assembly of all materials and components of the unit plate are completed in the factory, and the quality is easy to monitor. However, its structural form determines the aluminum profile consumption of unit curtain wall is relatively high, so compared with curtain wall system, the cost is generally higher under the condition of selecting the same curtain wall material. Under normal circumstances, the cost of unit curtain wall is 7-15% higher than that of frame curtain wall, and it is not convenient to maintain in the future.

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Post time: Mar-03-2023
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