Ceramic sheet curtain wall facade for building

1, the world's first "thin, light and large" inorganic ceramic plate, both adhering to the advantages of inorganic materials, but also abandon the disadvantages of stone, cement plate, metal plate and other traditional inorganic materials thick, high carbon;
2, the whole material and its application system grade A1 fire protection requirements, fully meet the increasingly strict modern curtain wall design, use of fire protection requirements;
3, chemical color glaze and natural minerals through 1200 degrees of high temperature firing, can achieve natural stone and other materials of 95% imitation, good texture, rich color, no fading, no deformation;
4, fracture modulus ≥50MPa, failure strength 800N, water absorption ≤0.5, the performance of the material is far more than traditional ceramics, stone, aluminum plate and other materials.
Therefore, it can be seen from here that the weight of ceramic curtain wall panel is lighter than that of traditional curtain wall, and it is safe, environmentally friendly and durable. It is a building material worthy of investment in development and research and long-term development.

stone curtain wall4
Construction technology of ceramic sheet curtain wall
Speaking from the construction process, ceramic curtain wall products usually have two ways of shop sticking and dry hanging. Anti-seismic fortification intensity is not more than 8 degrees, paste height is not more than 24 meters of outdoor walls and other surfaces are wet wall hanging paste,which can be widely used in all kinds of public curtain wall buildings, residential buildings. Wet hanging paste is a special adhesive, by a special construction team for paving. The curtain wall of all kinds of public buildings, residential buildings, high-rise buildings and super high-rise buildings over 24 meters is dry hanging technology. Ceramic curtain wall dry hanging development to now have latch type, slot type, back bolt type, thermal insulation decoration integration of four. Latch type has been phased out due to poor safety performance. Slotting is divided into two ways: through slot and back slot, which requires the installation of keel and increases the load bearing capacity of the building. Integrated curtain wall of heat preservation and decoration is the latest technology of thin curtain wall facade. The finished board of heat preservation and decoration has been processed, and the finished board is directly fixed on the wall at the base through special accessories and special bonded mortar. Today, the curtain wall of this installation method is the general trend.
Generally speaking, the development prospect of curtain wall industry is very considerable, especially the application of ceramic thin plate and other materials. But in order to achieve long-term development, it is still necessary to continue in-depth research, study new technical essentials, and strive to improve the development of curtain wall industry for the benefit of mankind.

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Post time: Mar-16-2023
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