Double Glazing Window Aluminum Glass Unitized Curtain Wall

Double Glazing Window Aluminum Glass Unitized Curtain Wall

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Curtain wall facade design and installation.
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    Curtain Wall Series

    Surface trestment
    Powder coating, Anodized, Electrophoresis, Fluorocarbon coating
    Matt black; white; ultra silver; clear anodized; nature clean aluminium; Customized
    Fixed, openable, energy saving, heat & sound insulation, waterproof
    110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 180 series

    Glass option

    1.Single glass: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12mm (Tempered Glass)
    2.Double glass: 5mm+9/12/27A+5mm (Tempered Glass)
    3.Laminated glass:5+0.38/0.76/1.52PVB+5 (Tempered Glass)
    4.Insulated glass with argon gas (Tempered Glass)
    5.Triple glass (Tempered Glass)
    6.Low-e glass (Tempered Glass)
    7.Tinted/Reflected/Frosted Glass (Tempered Glass)
    Glass Curtain
    Wall System
    • Unitized Glass Curtain Wall               • Point Supported Curtain Wall
    • Visible Frame Glass Curtain Wall     • Invisible Frame Glass Curtain Wall


    A curtain wall system is an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural, but merely keep the weather out and the occupants in As the curtain wall is non-structural it can be made of a lightweight material, reducing construction costs When glass is used as the curtain wall, a great advantage is that natural light can penetrate deeper within the building

    Available in a variety of depths,profiles,finishes and unitized options,our relatively lightweight,weathertight curtain wall systems provide a cutting-edge combination of design and performance-including thermal,thermal,hurricane and blast resistance.

    Curtain Wall Systems

    Aluminum Curtian Wall

    aluminium curtain wall

    Glass Curtain Wall

    curtainwall 25

    Unitized Curtain Wall


    Point Support Curtain Wall


    Hidden Frame Curtain Wall

    curtainwall (9)

    Stone Curtain Wall

    Stone curtain wall

    Low-E Tempered Glass

    Thickness    2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,19mm        
    Size 2000*1500mm,2200*1370mm,2200*1650mm,2140*1650mm, 2440*1650mm,2440*1830mm,2140*3300mm,2440*3300mm,2140**3660,2440*3660mm                 

    We can make size as customer need

    Color Clear, Ultra Clear,  Blue, Ocean Blue, Green, F-green, Dark Brown, Grey, Bronze, Mirror, etc.
    Application Facades and curtain walls, Skylights, Greenhouse, etc. 

    Singel Glass

    Single glass

    Double Glass

    double glass

    Triplex Glass

    triplex glass1

    Insulated Glass Series

    Insulated laminated glass

    Insulated Glass Description
    Insulated Glass is made of two or more pieces of glass with effective support and evenly spaced and sealed at the periphery to form a dry gas space between the glass interlayers. The interlayer of the insulated glass is initially dry air, and other gases with a lower thermal conductivity than air are currently used. The minimum thickness of the gas interlayer of the insulating glass should not be less than 6mm, otherwise it will not function as thermal insulation. However, the thickness should not be too large,if it is too large to make the insulated glass too thick. In order to standardize the production of the frame, the gaps of the insulated glass are currently divided into 6, 9, and 12, 14, and 16 mm.

    Any type of insulated glass consists of the following components:
    (1) The float glass constitute the insulated glass. These glasses can be ordinary laminated glass, solar control glass (including Low-E glass), and etc.

    (2) Gas interlayers and gases. In the interlayer of the insulated glass, firstly to ensure the performance of the insulated glass, the interlayer gas must be dry, including dry air, argon or other special gases. Generally, depending on the requirements, the thickness of the insulated glass interlayer and the internal gas are also different.

    (3) Edge sealing system. There are two types of recognized insulated glass edge sealing systems: one is the traditional cold edge sealing system (slot aluminum), and the other is a warm edge sealing system (composite strip type) represented by American Swiggle strip. Since the traditional aluminum trough insulated glass products have been used internationally and domestically for a long time, they have been recognized by many people, and the warm-side system has been promoted in China in April 1997, and the products have not been widely recognized. However, since this product has been improved on the basis of the conventional method, the heat insulating and sound insulating properties of the insulating glass are greatly improved, and thus it has been accepted more and more


    The thermal insulation properties of the insulating glass are mainly its thermal insulation of the gas interlayer, so that the temperature difference between the two sides is close to or even exceeds 10 °C.

    This is because the gas in the interlayer is in a closed space, the gas does not convect, thus, convective heat transfer and conduction heat transfer account for only a small proportion of the energy transfer of the hollow glass.


    Heat preservation
    Insulation of insulated glass means reducing indoor heat through its outdoor area during the winter, and the smaller the thermal resistance, the better the thermal insulation performance.

    If the glass is coated with a low-emission film, the radiation emissivity can be reduced to 0.1, and in winter, the heat radiated from the room will be reduced to provide better insulation.

    Anti-condensation & Reducing Cold Radiation
    Inside the insulated glass, there is a desiccant that can absorb water molecules, and the gas is dry; when the temperature is lowered, condensation does not occur inside the insulated glass, and the dew point temperature of the outer surface of the glass also rises. This is the biggest difference between insulated glass and double glass.


    Windows And Doors Series

    1.6063-T5/T6 normal aluminum, thermal break aluminum
    2.pvc/UPVC/VINYL(China top brand CONCH/German Brand REHAU/Korea brand LG)

    1.Double tempered glazing:5mm+12A(Air)+5mm; 5mm+12A+5mm tinted; 5mm+12A+5mm Low-E; 5mm+27A+5mm
    2.Single tempered glazing: 3/4/5/6/8/10/12/15/19/21mm
    3.Laminated glazing: 5mm+0.76+5mm, 5mm+0.38+5mm

    1.German brand: Roto, Siegenia, Geze
    2.Chinese brand: Kinlong, Hopo


    1.Stainless steel security mesh
    2.Aluminum security mesh
    3.Fiberglass flyscreen
    4.Retractable flyscreen

    Surface treatment

    1.Powder coating
    5.Fluorine carbon coating


    Double glass sliding windows
    Sounds insulation: RW ≥ 30 dB
    Wind pressure resistance: 4500 pa
    Air permeation resistance: 70/150
    Water resistance: 450mm
    N6 CLASS based on AS2047 STANDARD
    Ten years
    windows and doors

    About Us

    FIVE STEEL (TIANJIN) TECH CO., LTD. is located in Tianjin, China.
    We specialize in the design and production of different types of Curtain Wall Systems.
    We have our own process plant and could make one-stop solution for building facade projects. We could provide all related services, including design, production, shipment, construction managements, on-site installation and after sale services. Technical support would be offered through the whole procedure.
    The company has the second-level qualification for professional contracting of curtain wall engineering, and has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 international certification;
    The production base has put into production a workshop of 13,000 square meters, and has built a supporting advanced deep processing production line such as curtain walls, doors and windows, and a research and development base.
    With more than 10 years production and export experience, we are the best choice for you.

    our factory
    our factory1
    Q: What is the minimum order quantity?
    A: 50 square meters.
    Q: What is delivery time?
    A: About 15 days after deposit. Except for public holidays.
    Q: Can I get a sample?
    A: Yes we offer free samples. Delivery cost is to be paid by clients.
    Q: Are you a factory or a trading company?
    A: We are factory, but with our own international sales department. We can export directly.
    Q:Can I customize windows according to my project?
    A:Yes, just provide us with your PDF/CAD design drawings and we can make one-solution offer for you.

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