Reliability of building curtain wall

Reliability and quality
The quality of products needs to be managed. Curtain wall "satisfaction quality", that is, customer as the focus of quality. The quality of customer satisfaction is defined by ISO9000 as "the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics meet the requirements". Inherent means inherent in a product, especially those features that are permanent.
The curtain wall itself has inherent characteristics of the first owner is very concerned about the curtain wall performance, functional characteristics, such as 200mm fireproof rock wool is longer than 100mm thick fireproof rock wool aging, inherent characteristics should also include that the owner is also very concerned about reliability, maintainability, and safety. In addition, it should also include the product's economy and beauty, comfort and so on. In this sense, reliability, maintainability and other characteristics are certainly some important characteristics of quality characteristics, and the quality of the product itself such as curtain wall facade should also include reliability, maintainability and other characteristics.

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Reliability and Safety
Both safety and reliability are inherent quality characteristics, which are both related and different. Reliability is the ability of a product to perform a specified function under specified conditions and in specified time. Reliability is concerned with the product not failing or failure. Safety of types of curtain wall systems is concerned with the product that does not have accidents, not concerned with the completion of product functions. Reliability is to consider all possible failures, security is to consider all possible threats to safety hazards and various excitation factors.
In general, a reliable product is safe. Because many safety problems are caused by unreliable products, for example, tempered glass self-exploding and falling injuries. But also cannot say, the product reliability does not have the safety problem. For example, glass floor is beautiful, once there is water, the person is easy to fall, that glass is reliable, but there are safety problems. At the same time, it cannot be said that unreliable products are not necessarily safe, for example, tempered glass self-exploded, but there is an awning to stop, there are no injuries.
In some special cases, reliability and security are contradictory. For example, in order to ensure that firefighters quickly enter the room to save people, the fire rescue curtain wall window adopts a single piece of float glass, which greatly improves the safety of indoor escape personnel, but the basic reliability of the glass is reduced.
Generally speaking, there is a very close relationship between security and reliability, and there are obvious differences.

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