FIVESTEEL has been actively participating in various exhibitions, aiming to share the latest products and technologies related to doors, windows and curtain walls, and to understand the latest construction industry trends and market demand, so as to provide innovative and competitive products and services to our customers. In addition, TOPBRIGHT also connects with potential customers such as architects, builders and developers to promote business cooperation and project negotiation.


The Canton Fair

FIVESTEEL has participated in The Canton Fair for many times, showing our design and craftsmanship advantages of doors, windows and curtain walls to overseas customers, establishing connections with potential customers, distributors and suppliers at home and abroad and increasing brand exposure, visibility and attracting the attention of more potential customers. At Canton Fair, we have met a variety of foreign partners, and we have exchanged ideas and learned from each other.



FIVESTEEL participated in the PHICONSTRUCT 2023 to learn more about the Philippine market's demand for curtain walls, doors and windows, and to show our latest solutions for curtain walls, doors and windows to our customers, which increased FIVETSEEL brand awareness.

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