Why to use pre galvanized steel pipe in greenhouse frames

Pre galvanized steel pipe plays a very essential role in a variety of frame projects today. Pre galvanized steel pipes are manufactured through a coil/sheet that has undergone galvanization process. Further galvanization is not required after the coil/ sheet has been manufactured to pipe steel section. In applications, due to its durability and anti-corrosive properties, pre galvanized steel pipe can be recycled and be reused, which to some degree save a lot of money during the post maintenance work.

Tianjin round steel pipe

Greenhouse frames are constructed of several different types of materials. If you’re building a greenhouse, choosing which type of frame to use will be one of your first considerations. And it is obviously important to select a proper type of structure frame in your greenhouse project. Generally, galvanized steel pipe has the rational cost effective in the current steel pipe market. Galvanized steel pipes have a high structural integrity and also are resistant to corrosion in harsh environments. Tianjin G.P Pipes & Tubes are manufactured as per ASTM standards. Pre galvanized steel pipes & tubes are manufactured from 1/2″ to 8″. In most cases, steel frames are used in greenhouses ranging from tiny hobby houses to huge multi-bay commercial greenhouse complexes. Unlike other structural steel materials, pre galvanized steel pipe is immediately ready for use when it is delivered. No additional preparation of the surface is required, no time-consuming inspections, additional painting or coatings are needed. Once the structure is assembled, contractors can immediately begin the next stage of construction without having to worry about the galvanized steel materials.

In comparison with the cost of a steel frame greenhouse, PVC frame is considered a very easy, quick, as well as inexpensive way to build a greenhouse. However, a PVC house just isn’t going to last a long time. At present, more and more building owners, designers, architects, and general contractors have opted for pre galvanized steel pipe as structural steel pipe in greenhouse projects over PVC frames mainly for its energy efficiency, low maintenance, and durability in applications. In the modern times, pre galvanized steel pipe can be adapted to many shapes and sizes of greenhouses. Especially in the recent years, cold rolled steel pipe is commonly used for steel frame in greenhouse project, which has an improved surface finish and tighter tolerances and cold rolled steel pipe is more precise dimensionally because the cold rolled steel pipe has already gone through the cooling process, which help it closer to the finished dimension while the hot rolled steel forms the finished product looser tolerances than the original material.

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