Why to use mild steel pipe for conduit pipe in your project

When you are ready to start a wiring project in your home, garage, shed, or barn, it seems very important for you first to decide the proper type of conduit pipe for wiring. As it is well acknowledged, steel conduit comes in many styles and is used to run electrical wiring in exposed locations in and around your home. In many cases, stranded or solid wire is usually pulled through steel conduit. The size of the wire may vary, depending on the amount of amperage needed to supply the point you are feeding, and this ultimately determines the size of the conduit that you will need to install.

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In the current steel market, the most common type of steel conduit is mild steel pipe due to its good performance in service. First of all, mild steel pipe is frequently used because it is durable and safe. Most common wire systems may be susceptible to rotting and pests. Steel will not rot and is impervious to pests like termites. Furthermore, steel also doesn’t need to be treated with preservatives, pesticides or glue, so it is safe to handle and work around. And also, mild steel pipe is highly resistant to shock and vibration. Fluctuating water pressure or shock pressure from a water hammer have little effect on steel. For any given pressure, mild steel pipes can be made much thinner than pipes made from other materials, so they have a greater carrying capacity than pipes of other materials with the same diameter.

However, mild steel has relatively inferior ductility specs. It also suffers from a common drawback of most steel recipes in that it corrodes easily. Corrosion is an oxidation of the metal to a more stable molecular state that results in a weakening of the base steel. Hot dipped galvanized pipe has been considered popular a lot among many users today. For one thing, the galvanization process protects the steel from rusting damage that can occur during transportation, installation and service. The zinc layer on the surface of pipe can form a barrier protection for steel products to extend the service life in applications. For the other thing, this layer is also resistant to wear and scratches, which makes the conduit pipe appearance more attractive in applications.

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Post time: Aug-19-2019
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