Why are welded pipes so popular in the market?

In the current steel pipe market, it is believed that you are always able to find your desired products as there are many different types of steel pipes available for use in various applications. Welded pipe is widely available and relatively affordable, so it becomes a popular choice for very large projects such as pipelines. In contrast, stainless steel pipe is made from an alloy of steel and chromium, and is one of the more expensive types of pipe in the market. In general, welded steel pipe can be divided into a variety of categories as per specific specifications and different applications. In the actual pipe production, steel pipe manufacturers generally tend to repeatedly confirm the specific requirements of pipes in advance according to orders, involving wall thickness, length, diameter and etc. Besides, more and more manufacturers are committed to provide customized pipes as per special requirements of actual applications.


Today, welded pipes are widely used in various applications. For the one thing, one of the main characteristics of the welded steel is its relatively not complex manufacturing procedures, with a large production capacity, so as to maximize demands in the steel market. For the other thing, due to the low production cost, the steel pipe price is not so high, which is one major reason for the vast majority of actual purposes. Because of the different processing technology, straight seam welded pipe is generally divided into two major categories: ERW pipe and LSAW pipe. From the pipe shape, there are two common categories: round steel pipe and square steel pipe. In actual procurement, customers can choose the specific types of pipe as per their actual needs. Due to its favorable sales price and wide range of application fields, welded pipe has become much popular among people for various actual purposes.


With the development of national modernization and the continuous development of society, the construction industry in China has been booming in recent years. Welded steel pipe, as one of important building materials, it has become an integral part of the production and life. In a sense, it is more conducive to our actual procurement and practical application effect, if we have got more professional knowledge of welded pipe. As a good saying goes, science and technology are the primary productive force. It cannot be denied that it is always a long way for any pipe enterprise to achieve long-term survival and further development in future.


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Post time: May-24-2018
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