Various types of steel conduits in applications

When you are ready to start a wiring project in your home, garage, shed, or barn, it seems very important for you first to decide the proper type of conduit pipe for wiring. In our daily life, steel conduit comes in many styles and is used to run electrical wiring in exposed locations in and around our home. People get used to classify different conduit types by the wall thickness, mechanical stiffness and conduit materials. In the current steel pipe market, there are various types of steel conduits are chosen for mechanical protection, corrosion resistance and some other purposes in applications today.

emt conduit pipe

Today, China steel pipe manufactures have taken some active measures to diversify the steel conduits in applications in order to cater to various requirements from customers around the world. In many cases, stranded or solid wire is usually pulled through steel conduit. The size of the wire may vary, depending on the amount of amperage needed to supply the point you are feeding, and this ultimately determines the size of the conduit that you will need to install. Mild steel conduits are very popular among users today due to its good performance in service. First of all, mild steel pipe is frequently used because it is durable and safe. Most common wire systems may be susceptible to rotting and pests. Steel will not rot and is impervious to pests like termites. Furthermore, steel also doesn’t need to be treated with preservatives, pesticides or glue, so it is safe to handle and work around.

In applications, people tend to place the wire wrapped around a layer of insulation casing. With the development of society and the advancement of technology, electrical metallic tubing (short for EMT) is the most popular among common pipes. In the current steel pipe market, a conduit made from galvanized steel pipe is commonly referred as a rigid conduit. The thickness of a galvanized rigid conduit protects the electrical wiring from being hit and allows it to be threaded. Galvanized rigid conduits are used by electricians in commercial and industrial applications normally available in 10 feet and 20 feet lengths. This type of electrical conduit is used above grade and has threads on both ends. Besides, in various types of casing pipes, galvanized steel pipe has more powerful function of anti-corrosion and high temperature resistance if you want to keep your steel conduits in use for a long time.

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