Tianjin steel pipe— a professional production group

Tianjin pipe group is very famous in the production of various steel pipes such as erw round steel tube. However, at the beginning, it is not very prevalent all over the country. In the process of development, the company initially is a single seamless steel tube manufacturer. In order to face volatile steel pipe market, steel pipe suppliers begin to rich their steel pipe specifications such as galvanized steel pipe and welding steel tubes. In addition, the production technology is very advanced in the world. In terms of steel-making process, the technology is the world’s most advanced steel-making equipment and craft. Steel materials with high-quality are produced by companies that have their own production factories. Annual production quantity of raw steel can reach more than 800,000 tons. As many as five kinds of billets can be seen in the specification sheet of galvanized steel tube for the market.

Tianjin steel pipe

Concentration advantages of steel pipe manufacturers here appear out of the tube rolling process completely. There are many types of units such as 250MPM units and these devices are introduced from the most famous in the world of Italian PiAng company. The 168PQF tube rolling mill can produce very efficient steel pipe and has a very high level of mechanical automation, which can be said to reach the highest level in the world. The price of hot dipped galvanized steel pipe produced here is very reasonable. Compared with similar products, it is cost-effective and the specifications of galvanized steel pipe is also very complete. Moreover, there are all kinds of specifications and sizes, which greatly meet the market demands. In a word, steel pipe price and pipe sizes are very important for steel pipe suppliers who want to occupy more market share.

Due to a wide application range, the specifications of galvanized steel pipe must be diversified and the products can be made according to the market and customer demands. In order to obtain customer trust, steel pipe manufacturers need to make a defect inspection of each steel pipe by various approaches to ensure that all products can be passed by both customers and pipe market. In the process of heat treatment, the company has as many as eight heat treatment production line and almost all the steel pipes like square steel pipe should go through the process of heat treatment to ensure the hardness and flexibility. At this point, the company will never vague and make all the efforts to stand at the first position.


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Post time: Jan-07-2019
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