Things to be considered before starting a glass curtain wall building project

If you are planning to have a glass curtain wall building in the coming days, there are a few things to be considered before you would start your building project. In most cases, structural glass curtain walls have a completely clean, flush exterior appearance while the interior members have many different options depending on the design and your budget in construction.
Curtain wall construction
What’s a curtain wall design?
First of all, you should have a rough knowledge of structural glazing systems. With respect to structural glass curtain walls, the glass can be comprised of monolithic, laminated, dual-glazed or even triple-glazed insulating glass units. The back-up structure may use horizontal and/or vertical aluminum mullions or be a glass mullion, steel blade, cable or stainless steel rod. In addition, a well-crafted curtain wall design is regarded a matter of beauty. From aluminum-framed patterned materials to beautifully curved glass, curtain walls that envelop an entire building or only one side are non-load bearing and created to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. In certain cases, curtain walls are also referred to as the fa?ade of the building, and provide functionality as well as define the aesthetics of the building depending on the choice of material.
How to properly use glass curtain wall system in building construction?
In practical applications, glass curtain wall system has many benefits in applications, such as minimizing air and water infiltration, managing wind pressure, and thermal control. However, long-term exposure to the elements can degrade the appearance and function of the building envelope. And especially glass curtain wall has a higher curtain wall cost compared with other common building systems in application. In that regard, routine maintenance is crucial for the functional and aesthetic value of your curtain walls over time. Furthermore, extensive repairs and refurbishment to a curtain wall can be difficult and expensive. In that regard, it is very important for you to choose a professional metal, stone, and glass restoration provider before you would like to develop and implement a customized maintenance plan for your curtain walls in future.

In recent years, more and more people prefer custom curtain walls used in their buildings. In practical applications, aluminium curtain wall systems are widely used for a variety of purposes due to many obvious advantages. For example, aluminium curtain wall buildings are generally lightweight aluminum-framed facades housing glass or metal panels. These glazing systems don’t support the weight of a roof or floor. Instead, gravity loads and wind resistance transfer from the surface to the building’s floor line.

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