The reason of not distinguish curtain wall and outside window

In the mid-1980s, with the rise of high-rise buildings in China, aluminum alloy glass curtain wall began to be used, which is a high-grade external wall structure more expensive than aluminum doors and Windows. Nevertheless, lightweight, high-strength and excellent performance of aluminum alloy profiles and float glass, the construction of large facade partition and large aluminum doors and Windows and glass curtain wall, with excellent decorative effect, won the love of Chinese people. It become an important symbol of modern architecture. With the abolition of national restrictions in the 1990s, aluminum doors and Windows began to enter ordinary people's homes, aluminum alloy building curtain wall has also been widely used.

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But, our country is the developing country with low economic level after all, to reduce cost, the aluminum alloy door window of thin wall profile and glass curtain wall become the choice of a lot of people. In order to ensure the quality and safety of aluminum doors and Windows and curtain wall, and considering the national conditions, China's aluminum alloy doors and Windows, glass curtain wall product standards and engineering specifications have stipulated the minimum wall thickness requirements and mandatory provisions of aluminum alloy profiles. Therefore, so far common aluminum alloy glass curtain wall and outside window is a problem. China's aluminum curtain wall thickness is less than the requirements of foreign, but many people use a thinner thickness of aluminum Windows and doors profiles to make it the appearance of the curtain wall window. There are also super-large external Windows of public buildings, "curtain wall material Windows" made of curtain wall profiles, which do not meet the structural requirements of curtain walls.

The aluminum alloy window and glass curtain wall with light weight and high strength have larger window-wall area ratio, better lighting ventilation and sealing and waterproof function, giving people a brand new visual effect. Aluminum Windows and glass curtain walls are easily confused in appearance, because they have the following in common:
(1) They are all transparent structure of frame supporting curtain wall panel;
(2) frame aluminum alloy profile and panel glass material and surface treatment, with the same texture color appearance;
(3)The panel glass is inlaid with high-performance silicone sealant;
(4) The facades are divided into large grids, which can be in the same form.
The building curtain wall can be divided into cross-storey curtain wall and inter-storey curtain wall according to the continuous degree of its facade between floors.

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Post time: Aug-17-2022
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