The quality problem of silicone rubber used for curtain wall of doors and Windows

Through the investigation of the actual engineering of door and window curtain wall and the production, sales, construction and use of silicone rubber, the common problems of the quality of silicone rubber products for door and window curtain wall are summarized as follows:
Wrong early selection. Early design of doors and Windows curtain wall is often not paid attention to, or designers do not understand the performance of polymer products, as well as the specification is not familiar with the result of not giving the correct product selection scheme, resulting in the unitised curtain wall project does not choose the appropriate sealant products in accordance with the use needs. Material selection issues include how to identify several common categories of sealants, including: silicone, poly-sulfide, poly-helium esters.


At present, the quality of glass curtain wall engineering glue is uneven, for a project, the existence of the first supply of real glue, after the supply of fake glue practice; Or the quality difference between the bid-winning products and the later products, which brings great hidden trouble to the safety of the glass curtain wall project. Although, for the supervision of engineering quality of the relevant departments have repeatedly introduced measures, but because of the particularity of polymer materials: before the use of uncured semi-finished products, after the use of cured products, and after curing sealant in China's current standard specifications lack of effective detection methods. Sealant product standards are mostly set according to the methods and parameters of the American standard, and the technical requirements focus on the test of physical and mechanical properties, which basically does not include chemical analysis and test methods of glass curtain wall. However, there is still a gap between the current situation of curtain wall engineering of doors and Windows in China and developed countries, the social credit system is not perfect, and the situation of shoddy still exists.

All these problems challenge the current testing methods. Therefore, we intend to use some common chemical analysis methods to solve the quality problems of silicone rubber products in the curtain wall engineering of doors and Windows. We selected two commercially available silicone structural adhesive and transparent silicone adhesive samples with large price differences for therm o-gravimeter analysis test. The content of low boiling point substances (such as white oil, etc.) in the transparent adhesive sample is larger, accounting for about 16%, while the content of low boiling point substances in the silicone structural adhesive is lower, about 3%. We found that the silicone rubber products with lower prices add more volatile substances and fillers, and the highest price, the most tightly regulated silicone structural rubber products. Curtain wall facade have a larger content of polymer backbone, and the physical and mechanical properties and durability of the products are better.

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Post time: Aug-15-2022
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