The high quality development of iron and steel industry requires standardization

“Standards are one of the hard constraints to improve quality. Steel pipe suppliers will improve the steel industry standards system and, on the one hand, give full play to the role of national and industrial standards in drawing a line in the sand; On the other hand, steel enterprises are encouraged to formulate group standards and enterprise standards to meet the needs of downstream customers, improve service level and establish enterprise brands.”Li xinchuang, vice chairman of the China iron and steel association, secretary of the CPC committee and President of the metallurgical industry planning and research institute, said at the 2019 (first) China iron and steel high-quality development standardization forum on nov 9.In the forum, li xinchuang analyzed the development situation of the world and China’s steel industry, and the direction of high-quality development of China’s steel industry, and proposed to lead the high-quality development of the steel industry with standardization.

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Standardization has five effects on the development of steel industry:
First, draw a line in the sand to support efforts to cut overcapacity of cold rolled rectangular steel tube. The threshold effect of “standardization plus” can play a technical supporting role in promoting the process of cutting overcapacity, reducing costs and strengthening weak links. Second, standards guide development and promote quality improvement. In recent years, the state has issued the industrial green development plan (2016-2020) and the adjustment and upgrading plan for the iron and steel industry (2016-2020), among other documents, to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and green development. Third, standards support innovation and development. Innovation and development is an inevitable requirement for building a high-quality iron and steel industry, and standards can highly refine scientific research and innovation achievements, which can serve as the leading force and driving force for innovation and development, and contribute to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productivity of mild steel tube.

Fourth, standards support green development. Standards are the hard constraint of environmental protection.Energy saving, water saving, land saving, material saving, mining saving and other measures can significantly improve enterprise benefits.Fifth, standards contribute to internationalization.Li xinchuang pointed out that China’s standardization development has gone through three stages, namely, from the founding of the People’s Republic of China to the initial exploratory period of reform and opening up, from the reform and opening up to the opening and development period of the 18th national congress of the communist party of China, and from the 18th national congress of the communist party of China to the comprehensive promotion period of the standardization cause.The main line of standardization development of square steel pipe is to stimulate the market vitality, from government-led standard system to market-oriented transformation.

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Post time: May-18-2020
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