The development and application results of steel are remarkable

In recent years, the iron and steel research institute in combination with the national economic construction and national major project of high performance of structural steel pipe have achieved a series of achievements. According to his introduction, in pipeline steel, the pipeline steel team of the general institute of steel and iron research found the correlation between the size of deformed austenite and the performance of DWTT(drop hammer tear test) through the study of material micro-structure and toughening mechanism, laying a theoretical foundation for solving the fracture toughness control problem of pipeline steel with high strength and thickness specifications.Through the research on the whole process organization refinement and homogenization control technology of pipeline steel, the strength, toughness and plasticity matching control technology of pipeline steel with high strength and thickness specification has been broken through and the new generation of high performance pipeline production has been facilitated.

On this basis, the iron and steel research institute system alloy elements and process system was studied the influence law of the performance of steel pipe suppliers, determined the different types of pipeline steel alloy design criteria and process route, and developed in collaboration with domestic key mills (super) thick pipeline steel and other high performance pipeline steel products, stabilizing production in batches. At the same time, the general institute of iron and steel research has developed pipeline steels with various special properties, such as deep-sea pipeline steels, low-temperature pipeline steels, large deformation resistant pipeline steels, corrosion resistant pipeline steels, etc., to ensure the national pipeline construction and energy security.In addition, the hot rolled steel strip of continuous oil well pipe, continuous oil well pipe, galvanized steel pipe and other production technologies have been tested and applied.

In the aspect of die steel, H13 hot work die steel has been firstly developed in China, and the integrated and innovative technology of "high purity smelting " has been independently designed. H13 steel reaches the level of NADCA(north American die casting association)#207 Superior quality for the first time in China. Zhi-ling tian pointed out that iron and steel research institute in the domestic first developed to meet the international advanced standard (NADCA # 207-2016) of high quality square steel pipe; product quality has reached the international advanced level to break the foreign monopoly and successfully applied in automobile gearbox shell mold, topped 120000 for the first time in domestic die service life time (international advanced 100000 times).

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Post time: Jan-13-2021
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