Structural glass curtain wall advantages in building construction

In practical applications, curtain wall systems are designed to provide an added layer of protection against the elements for large-scale commercial buildings. Especially glass curtain wall systems are not only beautiful, they are functional as well, allowing in natural light and increasing energy efficiency. Glass curtain wall systems are widely used in commercial buildings for a long time, for they can provide added structural stability for tall structures and can also reduce sway and protect against high winds and geological events.
curtain wall system
As it is well acknowledged, one of the main reasons why curtain wall has been created is to make a building more aesthetically pleasing. Another fantastic feature of curtain wall is that you can create a custom curtain wall, with a wide range of colors and array of texture options available as well as with a reasonable curtain wall cost in your building project. For example, due to the flexibility and curtain wall being so robust you can design it to fit any structure. In the modern building construction, glass curtain wall can provide a clean, sophisticated, and unique appearance for buildings, which is now associated with contemporary design. In some particular applications, glass curtain wall is used as the best option mainly thanks to their durability and low maintenance need. Especially in the modern commercial construction applications, glass curtain walls have the primary purpose of keeping air and water out of the building, essentially acting as both a buffer and an insulator. Some large commercial buildings that have curtain walls will be easier (and more affordable) to maintain, and will last longer in general, for they have this additional protective shield build in. Furthermore, glass curtain walls are additionally able to slow the spread of fire between floors, by acting as a barrier and preventing the fire from easily transferring across the surface of the buildings. This can be especially important in some taller commercial buildings in business center, where the fire would otherwise quickly be able to spread upwards.

In recent years, aluminium curtain wall systems are also widely applied in some commercial buildings in the world. Specifically speaking, when you properly treat and glaze aluminium curtain walls, they can vastly improve the thermal efficiency of a building. In addition, as another layer of material across the building, aluminium curtain walls are able to stabilize the temperature within and cut down on the operating costs of the building itself. Additional glazing can reduce UV light, which will keep items within the building from fading or degrading quickly.

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Post time: Jun-07-2021
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