Steel pipe used for pipeline projects

At the beginning, pipeline transport is the transportation of goods or materials through a pipe. Many types of steel pipes are widely used for pipeline in different pipeline projects today. In the 1860s as the pipeline business grew, quality control of pipe manufacturing became a reality and the quality and type of metal for pipes improved from wrought iron to steel. In our daily life, almost everyone knows the location of their local gas station; your home may be warmed by heating oil or natural gas; and many homes use natural gas for cooking. But did you know that these products – gasoline, home heating oil, and natural gas – travel long distances from refineries and natural gas plants to communities all over the nation through underground pipelines?

welded round steel pipe

As is known to all, this network of pipelines are the unsung heroes supporting our everyday way of life through the movement of such things as water, sewer, crude oil and petroleum products and natural gas – in many cases tucked under our streets. Round steel pipe is a regular type of pipe used in this network pipelines in the real life. They safely go through neighborhoods and communities, stretch across farms, forests, deserts, and everywhere in between. These same pipelines also provide fuel to generate electricity and the building blocks for fertilizers to increase crop production. Pipelines also collect crude oil from many rural areas to deliver to refineries and chemical plants to create all the products that come from petroleum and petrochemicals manufacturing.

Oil and gas gathering lines are steel pipes that transport oil or gas from the producing area to a storage facility or larger main pipeline. In the steel market, hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is a popular type of pipe used in extreme conditions such as corrosive environments, low and high temperatures, high pressure and sour service. Natural gas is transported through the transmission pipeline system, which is composed of large-diameter steel pipe. Galvanized spiral pipe is used for the construction of onshore long-distance gas transmission pipeline systems.

As a professional steel pipe manufacturer in China, we are always committed to playing a major role in the petroleum industry providing safe, reliable and economical transportation. Technology continues to make better pipes of better steel, find better ways to install pipe in the ground, and continually analyze its condition once it is in the ground. At the same time, pipeline safety regulations have become more complete, driven by better understanding of materials available and better techniques to operate and maintain pipelines.


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Post time: Jul-16-2018
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