Seeking for a breakthrough for steel pipe industry

China’s iron and steel industry leads the world in energy recycling, but it is not enough to translate green development into energy conservation, environmental protection and recycling. Green development should have a deeper connotation.The change of the order of magnitude of emissions cannot be achieved by energy recycling and production process reduction, but by major technological changes. Steel pipe suppliers should pay more attention to the process creation itself, energy use itself of green, in the process structure, especially in the energy structure to achieve a breakthrough. In the future, we need to put China’s stamp on major technological upgrading, on energy and media, and on major technological innovation.

galvanized square tube

As China’s economy shifts from a stage of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development, and as China’s manufacturing industry shifts from a macro to a micro stage, customer demand of mild steel tube is increasingly personalized. If the problem of intelligent manufacturing is not solved, the scale development of China’s iron and steel industry and the future customer demand will form a new bottleneck period. 5G enables a single production line to produce different varieties and specifications at different times, and intelligent manufacturing enables one production line to perform the functions of two, three or even ten production lines.In addition to stable quality, precision control and efficiency improvement, it is more important for China steel tube factories to realize intelligent manufacturing to meet the needs of client segment market and small batch, personalized and customized.

In the future, a great space for the high quality development of steel industry is to make good steel materials.This is not to do “sophisticated” things, but must face the next process, market segmentation, to provide high strength, ultra-light, wear-resistant, corrosion resistance and other new materials. There is great technical potential and innovation potential in the next process and even the next process. China’s excellent steel enterprises should have the ability to research and develop materials systematically. In the future, technical experts and r&d personnel in China’s steel industry should move towards materials and the next process with a deep understanding of structural steel pipe.The huge market is all around us.When the steel enterprise is no longer selling steel itself, but through materials to sell steel know-how, this is the progress and promotion of the steel industry. In the next step, cisa and cisa will carefully study how to implement instructions on improving the basic industrial capacity and industrial chain level.

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Post time: May-07-2020
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