Requirements for glass in glass curtain wall design and installation

1. When thermal reflection coated glass is used for glass curtain wall, online thermal spraying coated glass should be used. The appearance quality and technical index of float glass used for thermal reflection coating glass should be in accordance with the current national standard "float glass" in the first-class or first-class provisions.

facade curtain wall2

2. Double sealing shall be adopted for insulating glass of curtain wall. Polysulfide sealant and butyl sealant should be used for insulating glass of open frame curtain wall. Silicone structural sealant should be used for insulating glass of hidden frame and semi-hidden frame curtain wall. The coating surface should be on the second or third surface of the insulating glass.
3 toughened glass should comply with GB9963 "toughened glass" provisions.
4. All curtain wall glass should be edge treated.
More requirements:
1, the point support curtain wall, should use safety glass. Frame supporting glass curtain wall includes open frame and hidden frame two forms, which is the current glass curtain. This article is for the safety of curtain wall glass in installation and use. Safety glass generally refers to tempered glass and laminated glass. Oblique glass curtain wall refers to the curtain wall whose intersection angle with the horizontal plane is less than 90 degrees and greater than 75 degrees. The particles after the glass is broken will also affect the safety. Laminated glass is not flying glass, which can play a protective role in the flow of people; it should be preferred.
2, point support glass curtain wall panel glass should be toughened glass. The panel glass of the point supporting glass curtain wall should be made of tempered glass and its products, otherwise the strength will not meet the requirements of office curtain wall because of the stress concentration of the punching part.
3. The point bearing glass curtain wall supported by glass ribs should be made of tempered laminated glass. The stress concentration at the hole is obvious, the strength requirements are high; On the other hand, if the glass ribs break, the whole curtain wall will collapse. Therefore, toughened laminated glass should be used.
4. Obvious warning signs should be set up in public places with high density of personnel flow, where teenagers or children are active and where they are vulnerable to impact. The density of personnel flow is large, and the glass curtain wall of the public place for teenagers or children is easy to be squeezed and hit. In other curtain wall structures, the curtain wall parts that might be hit by normal activities are also easy to cause glass damage. In order to ensure the safety of personnel, the glass curtain wall in these cases should be made of safety glass. For the glass curtain wall that is vulnerable to impact, obvious warning signs should also be set up to avoid harm caused by accidental collision.

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