Problems and influencing factors for galvanized steel pipe

As the name implies, galvanized steel pipe is a kind of steel pipe which can improve the corrosion resistance of the steel tube, so the zinc plating method is applied to the surface of the steel tube to improve the life of the steel pipe. Now more and more manufactures, builders, consumers are need this kind of steel pipe not only for the sake of durable anti-corrosion but also for environmental protection. Nowadays, the industry standard is more and more strict for steel pipes no matter for galvanized pipe or other types of pipes. We need to keep up with the pace of the current time. So do you know what are the problems and influencing factors?

galvanized steel pipe

1. the influence factors of the steel tube market
The market is changing but all things have requirements for the consumers and contractors. In the case of building construction, the steel pipes such as square steel pipe need to be galvanized to strengthen the security and the application effect. Besides, the specification of galvanized steel pipe should be adjusted according to the floor specification, otherwise, it will cause the waste of resources. Of course, the selection of steel pipes is also important and different areas require different steel pipes. The condition of steel pipe market is affected by these factors.
2. cooperation between china and foreign countries
We all know that there are many enterprises in China that are invested by foreign companies. Of course, there are also many construction projects abroad which are invested in China. Since sino-foreign cooperation has became more and more popular, the problems in the foreign trade of cold rolled steel pipe size also exist. Taking specification chart of square steel tube as an example, the application of domestic and foreign is different. The domestic steel pipe manufacturer should follow the market rules in the foreign trade on the basis of reasonable change. In addition, it is also important to distinguish galvanized steel pipe, which is very strict in foreign countries. The cooperation between China and foreign countries can last if they respect one another.

3. environmental requirements
Environmental pollution is a serious problem caused by the rapid development of industry including steel pipe pollution. We all know that steel pipe is widely used and can be seen in some oil, water and fuel transportation. However, the chemical waste will be harmful to the environment as well as human body. Steel pipe manufactures should reduce the bad effect in the process of development.

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Post time: Dec-04-2018
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