Performance test of glass curtain wall and problems encountered in the testing process

Performance testing of materials, components and accessories
1. Before curtain wall installation, on-site sampling inspection shall be conducted on the tensile force of the rear embedded parts.
2 silicone building (weather resistance) sealant before use, should be tested for compatibility with its contact materials.
3 silicone knot ladle sealant before use should be carried out with its contact material compatibility and peel bonding test, and shore hardness. The tensile bond performance of the standard state shall be rechecked, and the imported silicone structural seal shall have a commodity inspection report.
4. Two-component silicone sealant is composed of two components, base agent and curing agent, and should be mixed (insect butterfly) test and pull before use
(plastic cup) test to check the mixing degree of structural adhesive.
5. During the installation of the glass curtain wall, the levelness and verticality of the panel and glass ribs should be detected and adjusted at any time.
6. Aluminum-plastic composite board should be tested for peel strength.
7. Bending strength, radioactivity and frost resistance testing of stone panels. Stone curtain wall structural adhesive strength testing and sealant pollution
8. In addition to the materials rechecked according to the general curtain wall requirements, the following properties of the following materials should also be added for the types of curtain wall systems.

glass curtain walls5
The following problems will be encountered in laboratory inspection of glass curtain wall:
(1) The problem of air tightness detection of glass curtain wall. The air tightness performance of glass curtain wall is related to the heat preservation and energy saving effect of the curtain wall.
Detection can find the curtain wall design and installation process of the existing problems, through the solution of the problem to improve the curtain wall air tightness index, to achieve the purpose of heat preservation and energy saving.
(2) Common problems in water tightness detection of glass curtain wall. Rainwater leakage is the most common form of functional failure in the use of glass curtain wall. The factors causing rain water leakage include the existence of cracks or holes on the surface of the specimen, the existence of rain water and the existence of pressure difference inside and outside the specimen. The laboratory test is convenient to find the reason of rainwater leakage of the curtain wall specimen, and then take measures to adjust the design and construction scheme, so that the test index of water tightness of the specimen meets the design requirements.
(3) Common problems of curtain wall wind pressure detection. At present, the wind pressure resistance design of curtain wall structure is mostly based on related design specifications and calculation software. With the continuous improvement of the curtain wall related specifications and the gradual maturity of the calculation software, the test pieces can generally meet the design requirements when conducting wind pressure testing.

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