Northern steel pipe market

Langfang, hebei initiated a secondary emergency response. Atmospheric pollution strengthening measures at the same time, Tangshan, January 10, from today to 24 for steel pipe suppliers: in addition to safeguard residents heating sintering machine of all iron and steel enterprise production, guarantee the heating of iron and steel enterprise accounting of guaranteeing heating on sintering production load, increase efficiency of pollution treatment facilities, and reducing emissions big limit. Considering that there is no limit on blast furnace, and most steel mills keep the stock for about one week, the sintering limit has little effect on the actual production in this period.

pre galvanized pipe

Build up and develop strength. According to new data, 26 new railway projects were started in 2018, with an additional investment of 338.2 billion yuan.4,683 kilometers of new lines came into operation, including 4,100 kilometers of high-speed rail.The investment in railway infrastructure in the central and western regions was 371.4 billion yuan, accounting for 66.7 percent of the national total.Construction began on 16 new projects, with an investment of 167.6 billion yuan. Production of 6,800 kilometers of new lines will begin in 2019, including 3,200 kilometers of high-speed rail, which will require more structural steel pipes. By the end of 2018, China had more than 131,000 kilometers of railways in operation, including 29,000 kilometers of high-speed trains. Railway investment is expected to reach 850 billion yuan in 2019, which may set an annual record for railway investment in China.Boost market confidence and expectations of mild steel tube.

Third, the central bank cut the reserve ratio again by 1 percentage point, which is expected to release 800 billion yuan of funds.The central bank continued to release water to release liquidity, which helped ease the market’s funding constraints, especially for small and micro businesses, which are more accurate and beneficial, and boosted market confidence. For the time being, this wave up is not solid, there is news speculation.With the gradual digestion of good, prices may return from the fundamentals of supply and demand. From the perspective of inventory performance, after the holiday market inventory increased significantly, the speed of accumulated stock and last year is basically the same, but the overall demand slightly better than the same period last year. If the rate of accumulation is lower than expected, the price of square steel pipe may still rise, but subject to the lack of winter storage will, the upper space is limited. If the accumulator speed is faster than expected and the demand continues to weaken, there is the possibility of high down. Overall, the conditions for a major adjustment before the year is not very sufficient.

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