model building test of curtain wall

In fact, from the initial design, construction, acceptance, use and maintenance of the glass curtain wall, this whole chain link is almost interlinked, and any supervision is not in place, it may bring no small hidden trouble. Expert said that in reality, the design scheme verification of the curtain wall has been weakened and ignored, which is far less rigorous than the scheme verification of the main structure. He believes that to strengthen the curtain wall scheme verification and review, at the same time, the curtain wall into the construction site after the quality of important materials, important projects there is a "vacuum", should be strengthened.

glass curtain wall

Tan Guoxiang, the curtain wall designer in Guangzhou, believes that the structural safety demonstration of curtain wall design should be more to the premise, rather than wait until the late installation stage to do. Major projects should also learn from the advanced experience of Hong Kong, prior to the construction of the model, the air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance and other performance tests, the performance is guaranteed before the design scheme. In addition, he believes that glass curtain wall as an important part of modern architecture, its existence and development has a realistic demand, problems of curtain wall facade system, from the engineering design, glass selection, glass product quality control, installation, construction, safety and maintenance of the whole process of multi-pronged.

Sometimes, the initial curtain wall design is no problem, but then after the layers of the subcontract, construction units to save money, often choose not enough good quality curtain wall, the curtain wall in the late has security problems, this also is the main reason that curtain wall frequent accident. There is nothing wrong with the glass curtain wall itself. What is wrong is that the work is not done well, the material is not good enough. Insiders reveal that in the process of project decoration, the choice of relatively cheap materials to "shoddy" is common. Especially in the past decade, with the rapid development of urban construction and a huge amount of engineering, there is indeed a phenomenon of jerry-building, which leads to the phenomenon of "bad money driving out good money" in the glass curtain wall market. The relevant person in charge of Guangdong Glass Industry Association said that in Europe and the United States, the energy saving and economy of the glass curtain wall are built on the premise of safety. On the contrary, the domestic building glass curtain wall market usually meets the economic needs and cost control of developers first, and then considers safety and other performance. In particular, the domestic construction market of modern curtain wall due to the economic interests first, finally makes the construction quality and safety of glass curtain wall without the guarantee, a problem of glass curtain wall is naturally become the "scapegoat".

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