How to protect your structural steel pipe in greenhouse projects

Greenhouse frames are generally constructed of several different types of materials in projects. If you’re building a greenhouse, a proper choice of building frame used in projects will be one of your first considerations. In the current steel pipe market, structural steel pipes have been widely used in greenhouse projects for many years due to its strength and stability in use. There are various structural shapes that are available for greenhouse frames today.

galvanzied steel pipe manufacturer

Due to good performances such as durability, strength and resistance to harsh environment conditions, galvanized steel pipes have been widely used as an important structural material in greenhouse projects, which helps to serve a wide range of functions in applications. Compared with many other construction materials in the current steel pipe market, galvanized steel pipe remains much cost effective, and is considered an environment friendly building material in construction industry today. At present, galvanized steel pipes are manufactured in different ways at a mill including round, square or rectangular steel tubes. They are also manufactured in different lengths and thicknesses based on specific use in greenhouse projects.

Mild steel pipes are very popular in greenhouse projects these years. Because mild steel pipes are softer, making it easier to drill holes for bolts. However, as it is well acknowledged, everything has a certain life span over time. Mild steel pipes are also no exception. In greenhouse projects, we can often find a lot of “problems” with steel pipe in use over time. How to protect your structural steel pipe has been a very significant issue for consideration for a long time. In modern times, as there are a variety of steel products widely applied in various applications, many different kinds of surface preparations for steel pipes are employed due to particular requirements of the practical applications in life. For example, steel pipe coatings have been applied to cold rolled steel pipes for decades to increase structural steel materials longevity and integrity as well as to reduce the maintenance costs. In addition, painting coatings serves as a barrier to prevent the transfer of electrochemical charge from the corrosive solution to the metal underneath. In a sense, it seems very necessary for you to choose the proper protective coating for steel pipes based on the specific requirements of applications.

In general, structural steel pipe is available in a variety of sizes and grades in the market so that it can be used for a number of different structural uses and applications in the construction trade.

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Post time: Jan-06-2020
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