How to maintain your glass greenhouse

In general, whether your greenhouse is made from glass, polycarbonate, or polyethylene plastic, it seems benefit from periodic cleaning and maintenance to help plants inside grow and thrive. Especially if you use your greenhouse all year, it is necessary for you to maintain it regularly in use, too. For example, plants need all the bright sunshine they can get, especially in winter, so regularly cleaning both sides of the greenhouse glass is a must.

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In most cases, while a regular maintenance should be taken place in your year-round greenhouse, a fall clean up at the season’s end is enough for the seasonal greenhouse. You can choose a day when there is some breeze to clean your glass greenhouse, for it helps dry your greenhouse that bit faster. First, lift off any moss or algae that have taken root on the glass. Anything that won’t scratch the glass is a good tool – plastic plant labels, which probably are already in the greenhouse, are perfect. In summer, keeping on top of your cleaning is the key to getting rid of tiny insects that would otherwise feed on your plants. Generally, it’s always less work to choose times when the greenhouse is emptier. So you might schedule a major clean in October then again in April and slotting in extra attention as needed. During very busy periods, even just hosing off the roof helps.

Furthermore, a routine or annual greenhouse cleaning is essential to prevent unwanted pests and diseases from moving in your greenhouse in use. While this protected environment nurtures plants, it also provides the perfect conditions for pests to thrive or overwinter. Insects and mites will hibernate in cracks and crevices, plant pathogens will continue to exist in the soil, algae will grow in the lines, and gnats will reproduce on organic residues. For plastic greenhouses, a spray of liquid soda crystals is good for cleaning plastic frames but is not safe on aluminium. To be safe on any material, use a solution of washing-up liquid or a mild all-purpose liquid cleaner that doesn’t need rinsing. Key areas to tackle are the T-bars, where pests may set up home. Use a firm brush or even steel wool to rub all traces away.

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Post time: Mar-01-2021
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